Second Week at HVWP’s Summer Institute: Slice of Life Tuesday

Sorry my Slicer Buds,

Somehow I missed getting my Slice up in time last week.  I wrote one, I swear, in fact it would have been just the perfect time to share that Slice with you because Tara, Slicer Extraordinaire spent our second day of the SI getting a first-hand view of what I’ve been talking about. In fact, we kicked off the Writing into the day with Tara’s Slice from last week and the group was excited to have my living, breathing artifact writer in our midst for the day.

DSC_0024Yes,that’s Tara 🙂

In fact, as the day continued she shared some of her writing life in our Summer Institute Museum


It was a perfect day and that was only day 2!

So far, so good.  After a two-summer break from co-facilitating I am happy to be back and feeling less pressured but I still can’t shut of my mind and sleep through the night.  So, often I’m up, and sometimes tech shopping.  For example, this blog, it’s new, one of the WordPress collection of premium blogs for a fee.  I have been resisting, really I have, but on Saturday night, around 3:30 am.  I broke down and


What do you think?

You have to click on the post titles, but I love the home page and the collage groupings you can create.

Good thing that we have great central air in SUNY’s Old Main Building.  There was no way we could take a walk down the hill to town for lunch, but even so, we have a great space and even though we were chastised today for having our SI spread in the room,somehow we preserved.

It was another rich and wonderful day with our SI team and new cohorts.

Odell presented a workshop on how her students are challenged to dig deeper when they create biography scrapbooks.  We  moved with her through her student experiences, we took a focused look at her student work and shared our feedback and reflections.

 We met today in writing groups, TIW groups and reading groups.

Christine had us up and moving to a metaphor exercise complete with a writing.

And before we left we had our peeps ready for more workshops to come.

AND last but not least. Grace Bellamy was back in the area and  spent the day with us and just down the hall Steve Masson, one of my favorite techies kicked off his week long documentary workshop with a group of 6 very cool kids.

A good day, a very good day!

10 thoughts

  1. Oh Bonnie this is a beautiful blog. I think the visual way the comments float, too. I am cheering for all the meaningful experiences you are participating in. In the sharing it is a little like I got to spend time with you and Tara, which is delightful. 🙂

  2. Love the new look! Very fresh and bright with the photographs too. What an inspiring group of writers!

  3. So I leave the country for a few weeks and you move your writing. I thought it odd that there was no email telling me you had posted. Very nice, so jealous that you can do the collage look with your photos. Is there a subscribe button, I can’t locate it. 😦
    I will be working my way through all the posts I missed. Sounds like you are having a great time with your workshop.

    • Welcome home > Where were you and how was it?
      I’ve been itching for a new blog look. I did take the plunge and upgrade to a premium blog for $75.00 but I’m loving the look.
      There is a follow button on the top left.

      I’ve been so bad about keeping up with my blog reading but I have one more week of our Summer Institute and I’ll be back to more leisurely mornings.
      I am getting together with Tara and Stacie in NYC when they start their Teachers College work on August 8th. Want to join us?

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