Tuvia’s Mystery Ride: Slice of Life Tuesdays

Tuvia and I have been on a mystery ride for almost a month. On Sunday, August 4th, riding back from my pre-brithday celebration in Ellenville, Tuvia started to feel weak and as I crawled onto the NYS Thruway he passed out in the passenger seat.  He came to quickly, before the state trooper ordered the ambulance to find us in the lanes of Sunday summer traffic.  But when we arrived home and found he was bleeding we were off to Englewood Hospital for the first of four visits.

From the emergency room to Dean 6, Dean 8, Intensive Care, the Kaplan Pavilion, doctors and nurses poked at his arms for blood, for answers.  He was prepped and tested, prepped and tested, prepped and tested.  Hesitantly, his surgeon/friend operated on his colon to remove a possible source of the bleeding but back home for the third time after a seemingly successful recovery the pool of blood on his side of the bed made it clear that the mystery continued.  I wondered if this was the time he would really give up.  Maybe it was hopeless.

On that early morning, with visions of that pool of blood in my head I ran out at 9 for some air and bagels and on my ride home the call from his son Ami, snapped me back.  He couldn’t give up.  The mystery was still unsolved.

We were back riding.  Back to Englewood, back for more tests, back to the familiar cafeteria. Back to my rides back and forth from home to hospital.

This was our new routine.  But this visit to Englewood for more prep and tests forced his team to admit that there was nothing more that they could do, so we were off to NYC and the well-known city hospital, Lenox Hill, where no one knows Tuvia.  No rock star status here, but there’s one amazing doctor that makes it worthwhile, but even after his ground-breaking test to hunt for blood leaks in the small intestines, he still found nothing but a healthy organ.

So the mystery continues.  But this time, back home now for a full week, Tuvia is almost back to himself.  We are back to our life of movies and meals out.  We are back to our present, hesitant about making travel plans for the future.

Yes, this sounds frustrating but this time, Tuvia is taking charge of his mystery and today, tomorrow, Wednesday and beyond…the problem-solving continues, both of us hopeful that the source of bleeding will be found and we can return to our lives with this mystery of the blood leak solved.

Fingers crossed, Tuvia is taking charge and  I’m in the driver’s seat!

Shout out to my family and  Slicers and Facebook friends and non web friends, for continued support 🙂


18 thoughts

  1. My thoughts and my prayers for this mystery ride to come to a close for both of you. It is really upsetting when there is this strange medical problem that is difficult to solve. Love and good wishes! Nanc

  2. Oh Bonnie, what a frustrating situation! I am so glad Tuvia is taking charge with you in the driver’s seat. It’s so hard to believe that no one can find this source of bleeding. I will continue to pray that this will be resolved and the old normal will return.

  3. Hugs to all to help you through these continued anxious moments that hold the search for answers, Bonnie. Really thinking of you all the time, and glad that FB gives us little bits of news. Glad you’ve had a few days of your lives back together.

  4. The doc at Lenox Hill returns from vacation this week, right?

    Glad Tuvia is getting back to his normal routines with you. Hopefully the hospital trips won’t be your routine soon. May the doctor find the solution so Tuvia’s health is restored.

  5. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Not knowing what is wrong, at least to me, is worse than knowing what is causing a problem. At least if you know, steps can be taken to rectify things. Keep the faith!

  6. So glad to hear Tuvia is doing better. I am sure your lives have been stressed. No wonder you have been on my mind. Love the pictures. They capture the love and care and in the moment situation. Hugs my friend!

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