Happy Anniversary to US at 17 !

Tuvia and I met at a break-fast celebration at my good friend, Rena’s.   Tuvia came with his good friends David and Pinina and by the time I showed up after my day of fasting and dealing with a sinus condition, a hot shower and nice clothes brought me back to life. All I  was hoping for was  a good cup of coffee, a fresh poppyseed bagel filled with flaky whitefish salad.  I was really not fishing for a man.  But Tuvia, bored by the time I showed up, was open to meet someone new.

He was patient.  He sought me out and was not put off by my initial lack of interest.  Finally, when my stomach was calmed and I could focus on the guy with steel eyes in the dark blue suit with the strange name that I couldn’t remember. Yes I was ready to be engaged and like most people who first meet Tuvia, I was engaged and wanted more.

Seventeen years later we still celebrate our first night together, so our date is eternally tied to the lunar calendar and the end of Yom Kippur.

Last night we celebrated, really celebrated our lives together.  We’ve been celebrating since Tuvia left the hospital this last time and has been bleeding free.  After that crazy month of August, racing back and forth to Englewood and Lenox Hill hospitals we have been mostly feeling grateful that we have a present and future to plan for.  Not that we took each other for granted before, but since August 4, my attention has been with Tuvia and thankfully, friends, family my guitar and teacher, work projects and partners all have been supportive and patient to have us return.

We are back 🙂

I am starting to fill in the calendar with work dates, dinner dates, events, celebrations, conferences… trips…. life!

Of course this could all be halted if Tuvia finds blood, but he promises not to freak this time around and feel that it’s hopeless.  Instead he has a plan.  Maybe before that happens his doctor will discover something or develop a preventative plan that Tuvia will support.

We are hopeful.

Today we celebrate health and life with my dad and our Ellenville family.  And what a great day of weather for that, right?

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life!

35 thoughts

  1. So happy for the two of you, Bonnie!! Love is truly a wonderful thing–someone to share it with is the treasure of life! Hugs to you from Troy and I.

  2. So, my favorite photograph is of the one of you two, dancing – the core of what your post was about is captured so beautifully in that lovely photograph. (PS. Also loved the one of Tuvia dancing on the beach – nice!).

  3. Have you ever noticed that most stories about True Love are truly lovely? Yours brought tears to my eyes…. I am so happy for both of you, and look forward to seeing you both soon!

  4. Congratulations. You are an exquisite couple and I look forward to following more of your adventures in your posts online. May you continue in the joy that the good life brings.

  5. Really lovely. I enjoy very much the story of your meeting & much more your celebrations & smiles!
    Tuvia beeing much better is a blessing for all who know him & you! Have more & more celebrations ahead
    Mendi & Edna

  6. Happy Anniversary. What lovely pictures! The love you two have for each other just radiates through your eyes and smiles. May you have many more wonderful years together.

    • Thanks Arjeha,
      It’s been a glorious September to remember…and as I put this post together is was rewarding to have pictures to document our years together. Good thing we are in the digital world.

  7. Mazel tov on 17 wonderful years together. (Anything special planned for your Chai Celebration in 5775?) I’m glad you were able to enjoy yet another break-the-fast together.

    And great photos too! Thanks for allowing us to get a glimpse into your journey together.

  8. So, so happy for you and Tuvia. What wonderful pictures, Bonnie. They show so much happiness and love. I’ve met you, but not Tuvia, but my favorite is the one where you are behind him, wrapping your arms around him-just a lovely and loving couple! Congratulations!

  9. Happy, happy anniversary to you and Tuvia, my friend! I’m so happy for you, happy August has passed and that you are back. So happy for fast-breaking surprise meetings (and bagels with white fish). Happy for being open to new things. Happy-happy for you!

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