Slicing with 6th graders: SOLT

Morning Slicers,

I’m sharing some updates with you from my adventures with Tara Smith and her 6th graders, as they get their slicing groove.  I was back last Tuesday as Tara debriefed their first slice experience.  Back in comfy-cozy area of her room we were making  sense of the experience, identifying with examples, what  what they noticed about the pieces they read and the writing they created.  Tara is making this a very comfortable and collaborative experience for me.

Here’s my 2nd Slice:  Writing for a 6th grade audience, I did take more time with this piece but it was fun to post it. But I have been reading their slices first and leaving comments.  I think I wanted my voice to reflect me in its casual tone.

      A Mystery Slice

    So far, this slice is a mystery to me as well as anyone who’s reading right now.  I just read some week #2 slices and I loved them but they didn’t spark any story ideas for me, so I’m on my own, right?
    This moment is ripe for a good story:  I’m on my favorite couch, sipping a perfect cup of coffee, the windows are open, the sunshine is soft, and with my TV on low, I can hear the latest news updates and still stay focused on this writing, but I still don’t have a slice idea.  
     I’m remembering what I used to do when I was still teaching full time and I had a free day to slow down.  I loved the start of that vacation day.  I began it just like I’m enjoying this morning, but as much as I wanted to spend the day free, I always came home with a bag filled with work to do- always lots of student pieces of writing to read.  
   As much as I promised myself that I would tackle my work first, I had to enjoy my morning rituals on the couch and then get on my sneakers and enjoy the outdoors: walking or running, something.
   There was still lots of time to get to bag of work but once I was out, I just couldn’t go back home until I caught a movie, had lunch out with a friend, etc. 
   You guessed it, I didn’t get to that bag.  Not that first vacation day, not even the second morning.  But I did get the work done before I walked into my classroom on our first day back.  Yes, it would have been easier to do it on that first Saturday morning, but I never could. 
And here’s my new Avatar created in Bitstrips by my buddy, Andrea.  The hardest thing was to find my hair.  This is the closest.  But I do like the energy.  What do you think?



16 thoughts

  1. As you know, I lost the battle with my bag of correcting vs. the outdoors! My kids love having our slices as part of the mix – even is they are reticent about commenting on our slices. They know we’re both checking in and invested in this – that’s huge! PS. love the avatar – fun and joyous, perfect!

  2. Since I wrote about living in the moment this week, I have to think that maybe it is best to get a little living done before digging into those papers. I believe you chose the right thing, all those times. We are better teachers when we are real people first. How fun to be visiting such a classroom and slicing together, too. And I do love your avatar!

  3. First, I love the avatar! Second, I cannot read the comments because the print does not show up with the picture, my eyes are straining, argh! Third, I love the way this slice developed bit by bit. What a great way to show slices can be small moments in our daily life.

  4. Great avatar! Who among us has never brought a “bag of work” home with us only to procrastinate getting to it. However, we rarely not get it done even if it is the night of the last day of vacation. We are only human and need our down time as much as if not more than everyone else.

  5. I totally love the Avatar…she so much like you, Bonnie! The backpack always seems to go back and forth fully loaded. xo

  6. The funny thing about those stacks of work. Sometimes I would forget I brought other things home, and didn’t find them again until I opened the bag on Monday! Mostly I confess I had a ‘student work’ bag too. Rarely did I not get to that stack, but sometimes it was hard! Life on the weekends is just too fun! I too love the Avatar, Bonnie-it’s so happy!

  7. Your energy is CONTAGIOUS! even though you procrastinate and “walk around the restaurant” before working! Gee, you are just like the rest of us who bring home bags of stuff. We get to the important stuff when we must but the rest?????

  8. You have such a cool avatar. I would really like to see a teacher who has not carried a bag home and let it sit or even carry it back. You and Tara working together sounds exciting and productive.

  9. You avatar makes me smile. I will still look for the pics of you smiling. The bag of work- sometimes I get it done and other times it just stays. I have been trying to stay later at school and then leave it. The word is trying.

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