Sharing 2013 and Why Bother?

A few weeks ago, I started working on a digital piece for the new year. I’ve created pieces to ring in the new year before and even though I have lots of other things to work on, I left them all. It’s been a rich year for me, a year that’s ending better than I thought it might and I started pulling photos from my Aperture/IPhoto libraries. I had a perfect tune to use, that Ive been dying to work with. I even started dropping photos onto a fresh FINAL CUT Timeline but probably during an early morning shower I reconsidered, remembering how much I loved creating a community piece,” This is What Love Looks Like.

Turnaround time:

I put out a call on Facebook, through email, Twitter and the iAnthology. Kevin jumped to help and immediately retweeted my call and the photos started arriving in my email box and on Facebook. Without realizing how many contributors I already had, I put out a second call and even more wonderful images arrived. Many came from friends who had joined in on other projects, friends I’ve been working with over time and happily some new friends as well. Some sent me one image, some two, some more. I started to organize everything in folders and began keeping a separate list of names… wow, 50 in no time.

Of course I had to procrastinate. I didn’t open Final Cut until I gave myself a deadline: New Year’s Eve- day… Okay. As often as I’ve used Final Cut for projects with every break, I approach the click to a project gingerly. Good thing I always had my song to get me going- “Auld Lang Syne”, a gorgeous version used in the “Sex & the City” movie sung by an Irish singer, Maire Campbell.

I began to play with the pictures and realized I needed context for each page of this piece. A title, a caption, even a short piece of inspired writing… I put out the call and quickly, most everyone responded. I spent time getting to know each image and given the speed of movement, I often had to edit the text. Brian, I hope you were okay with my revisions to your fabulous response.

I had almost 5 minutes, the length of the song and I worked to showcase each contributor,giving as much time as I could to their images and words. I moved things around, added effects, revised effects, added transitions and durations, to make the movement from page to page, smooth..working with the music… and then I had to add some of my special 2013 moments without making it feel like it was all about me. I hope it doesn’t feel that way.

I love the process. I love being in a piece even if I frustrated. In the middle of this one, Apple put out an small update and how stupid, I couldn’t wait. Things were moved around and I had to take away time to figure out what I needed that I wasn’t seeing. I kept moving without a need to ask for Apple tech support. I’m always happy when I can figure things out for myself, even though I do need to thank Maresk for his suggestions- I started playing with generators- that blue background.

And with a long last night of work, the next morning, after Tuvia took a look, and gave his thumbs up I was ready to wait until New Year’s Eve to post it. But after an afternoon at the movies, I was home and creating a version on You Tube and posting.

It’s been great to watch the number of hits grow at the You Tube channel and the wonderful comments fill my Facebook page and email account.

I loved this piece. I still love the music and I still love watching the piece when the moment hits me.

At this moment, Final Cut and I are one. Seems like a perfect time to keep working on the next piece. right?