Nothing like a New Challenge, or Two: SOLT

Okay, why not?  I’m in.  Kim Douillard  from our National Writing Project’s iAnthology, posted a photo challenge for the month of  December and well, how could I not join in.  For years that’s what I did every day- took a photo and posted it on my blog and then added some writing.  Strange, I stopped when the blog appearance was transformed by its creator.  Of course I didn’t stop blogging but I that jar, took me away from my own personal challenge.

Here’s the prompts she offers for December and my start:

1.  green

Loving the light with some green in the flasks

Loving the light with some green in the flasks


2.  dealBagXzqeCUAIDGau.jpg-large

                                        Yes,  great deal but I opted for a diet coke and no burger, just a salad with chicken.  Of course, I posted my pics on Twitter and Facebook and I’m in a new group #sdawpphotovoices

3.  gift  This is today’s challenge.

4.  garland

5.  candle

6.  bargain

7.  decorate

8.  poinsettia

9.  feast

10.  red

11.  Santa

12.  hearth

13.  tradition

14.  elf

15.  tree

16.  present

17.  holiday

18.  star

19.  festive

20.  frosty

21.  winter

22.  candy

23.  celebrate

24.  bells

25.  wreath

26.  fruitcake

27.  retrospective

28.  light

29.  party

30.  parade

31.  new

Have fun, be creative, explore the limits of your photography…after all, 2013 is nearly over!  You can post every day, once a week…or sporadically throughout the month, whatever works in your life.  Be sure to share…and to tag your photos so we can all find them!

I hope you’ll join me as your photos help you express your experiences of the season! Be sure to post a photo each day with the hashtag #sdawpphotovoices to Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Google+ and/or Facebook (the more the merrier!), so that we can all enjoy the posts.  If you are feeling daring, you might compose a blog post about a photo…about a week’s worth of photos…create a photo essay…the possibilities are endless!  Be sure to link back here to create a pingback by linking to this url…or post your blog address in the comments (or create your entire response in the comment section).  It’s fun to see what others do!

And if this new challenge isn’t enough, I found Kevin Hodgson engaged in a new blogging/comment challenge, not that Slicers need that, but why not?

#nerdlution: 50 Comments/50 Blogs/50 Days

My goal is to make a daily comment on a different blog, so that by January 20 (if I succeed), I will have left a trail of 50 comments throughout the blogosphere. This goal comes from the realization that I have gotten a bit lazy with commenting on what I am reading, and not taking full advantage of the read/write/comment nature of the blogs that I read. I am still thinking of how best to track my comments and my path. I am beginning to use Storify to curate my activity. 

And of course Kevin shared an inspirational poem:

nerdlution poem

So I guess I’m in there too.  New communities to share with, but there’s nothing like beginning a Tuesday with Slicers. Time to post this and get to reading and commenting with friends.

See More at TwoWritingTeachers



18 thoughts

  1. First, your menorah is absolutely incredible. I am guessing it is a family heirloom or from one of your travels? And, your candles look hand dipped? Wow!
    It sounds like you will be mighty busy this month! I loved the Nerdlution idea and am trying to exercise and / or read an adult non-teacher book for at least 15 minutes a day. It’s day 2 for me, so we’ll see how it goes through a long month of parent teacher conferences and grad students’ final papers! I also love the photo idea, but I think I might hold off on that one until January!

  2. Oh, I’m overwhelmed with good ideas from twitter and blogs. This new photo idea rocks! I’m going to try. I can’t commit! But, I love the idea of a word in my head all day and looking for a picture of it. It doesn’t sound too difficult. What I like is that I can use that to blog if I’m stuck for an idea. Thanks so much!

  3. Oh crap, I didn’t realize #nerdlution was a daily thing! During holiday season! These nerds are crazy. Which means of course now that I know the drill I have to keep doing it. I’m going to steal, err, be inspired by your photo concept and toss a few of those in there too! Great post.

  4. So many challenges! New projects/challenges feed your soul. I love the deal photo, wish I could take advantage. I’m looking forward to your interpretations of each word. 🙂

  5. I love this idea. I keep trying to remember to take pictures. Being mindful of a word might help! This also might transfer nicely to student work. Thank you for sharing a great idea.

  6. I did a couple of photo challenges with my colleagues on Instagram. It’s fun! It makes you really look at the world differently, doesn’t it? Sort of how Slicing makes you live like a writer, but with photos! Good luck! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  7. Go for it, my friend – you can do it! My challenge is just to keep up with the stuff I’ve committed to….let’s see how that works!

  8. Bonnie, I love your photos. The menorah is absolutely beautiful! I’m in the same boat as Tara…trying to keep up with the commitments I’ve already made (#nerdlution being the latest one). Although, I may throw in a few photos now and then. It’s a great idea. I find I’ve been using my iPhone all the time in my classroom when I want to capture a picture. It’s so convenient!

  9. I love invitations for challenges and I admire anyone who is ready to join. I know myself well enough to know when to join and when not. I will let some challenges pass, but make a note of them and sometimes try on my own. The idea of a photo challenge I really like and will make a note for myself. I checked out the photos you have taken. they are beautiful.

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