So much to Share, Where to Begin?: Slice of Life Tuesday

I have been lucky to continue to work with great teachers in the Hudson Valley Writing Project. Marc and Dennis took up a new challenge during the summer and documented our Young Writers’ Programs and there were more than ever before. But when it came to creating videos the challenge intensified and we met together a few times to get this part of the project completed.
Here’s a piece that Dennis began and I stepped in for the finishing touches.
Hope you enjoy. We are presenting this work during a workshop at our February Saturday Seminar on Saturday…

and then I get to pack for Puerto Rico. I am ready for outdoor swimming with a new Miracle suit :), a cap and cover.


I have continued to love and feel the ache of swimming. New parts of my body are challenged by new passion. Today I took them all through an aqua class. What fun!

So here I am with so much to feel good about even with this insanely cold weather. I’m hoping to meet up with Tara Smith tomorrow and her 6th graders 🙂