Photo Challenge Day #1: Freaking and ANALYZING

Happy New Year 2014 and welcome to my freak out as I try to fulfill my challenge for our Day 1 word:


I did think about my word today and still couldn’t pick up my camera.  Finally, I just did.  Not that I had an idea but I was ready to take my camera on a walk even if it was cold out.

I walked away from my iPhone, from my point and shoot and grabbed up my good, trusty Nikon 51000.  Yes, my serious camera with the great lens and whoops dark inside.

Okay now I was actually forced to analyze  the problem before I could shoot.  I changed the battery, I replaced the SD card, I took the lens off and on.  I played with the dials.  I emailed my camera guru.  I shook a bit.  I froze the situation for pics with my iPhone camera and I ran everything by Tuvia and decided if I tried anything else I might make the situation worse.  I could of course check the manual but I think I’m beyond what I can do, so tomorrow at 9 AM I will head for the nearby Bergen Camera for expert help.

Good thing I live where I do.  Help is not far away, but I am still freaking.


5 thoughts

  1. Love this Bonnie! Three hours behind you, I have yet to pick up my camera and figure out how to represent analyze…but I’m inspired by your post. You are already representing the action I had in mind when I came up with the list!

    • I love the new set of words. I’m hoping to check on my camera but today is looking like a storm is coming. I have to get there early :). Word for today? I’m ready.

  2. Oh no! Hopefully you will be able to get the camera back on track tomorrow. I’m looking forward to how you will depict each word this month. You are lucky to have so many options available to you when something isn’t working.

    • Funny, isn’t it. I have been enjoying the lightness of traveling with just my iPhone even though if I need more light there’s nothing like my better camera, that’s for sure.

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