Change is Good, right?: Photo Challenge & SOLT

I didn’t want to leave my gym.  I began there when I first retired from my teaching job at Pearl River 9 years ago?  Almost 10? Can that be?

After a year of rumors and tension the reality became clear when the mega corporate gym swooped in a grabbed up two of the most popular trainers from our smaller, mom and pop enterprise.  Wild fire spread!  All conversations focused on leaving and where to?  On the tread mill I shared my hopes that our gym could survive. Diane agreed but she was scheduled for a tour of the mega gym, 24 Hour Fitness.  I was mildly curious.  On the opening weekend I stopped by and took a tour it happened, with Jodi, one of our stolen stars.  Sure everything looked good: lots of light, lots of machines, lots of room and a pool.  Not too many gyms in Rockland with pools.  But I didn’t care about the pool.  I hadn’t been in a pool for fun since I was a kid in camp.  Then I never wanted to get out.  But as an adult, swimming laps- way too serious for me.

Okay, so I did sign up.  For me the location was perfect-half between my apartment and Tuvia’s house and the pressure was on to take the deal, on contract to sign, month-to-month payment.  I saw lots of familiar faces and I could freeze my membership until our gym’s fate was clear.

It’s feeling very sad at Premiere now- doom!!!

I’m not good living in limbo and here’s a surprise… I left my tour with that brand spanking new pool, with its three lanes for lap swimming in my head.  Swimming, putting on a bathing suit- NO!!!!  But I started rethinking my closed mind.  Hmmm… a new challenge- always looking for the next one.

Yesterday I unfroze my new membership, drove past my old gym and headed up the hill to the brand spanking mega gym with just a  touch of my former guilt.  I was dressed for the pool, meeting up with an old friend who was joining the gym primarily for the pool in winter.   Tuvia was excited, my swimmer friends offered suggestions.  What happened in just days?  Where’s my loyalty, my principles?

I spent yesterday EXAMINING (Photo Challenge) my new workout home.  Maybe change is good.

I scoped out the gym area before Hilda arrived, watching some young bucks swimming their laps, obviously serious about their practice.  When Hilda arrived we shared a lane.  After a few minutes to get used to the water I was off,  swimming without the classy of the two boys in the other lanes, but I held my own, kicking and moving my arms, staying afloat, moving from one end and back again.  7 full laps with breaks of course but I felt comfortable, a reunion with my past.  Of course I watched the boys gliding, like Olympic stars.  I do want to work on my form but you know,  I could get used to this.  A young girl sat in her chair, clearly in charge of the room, sharing information about the pool procedures and classes.  One is coming up tomorrow morning and I’ve signed up for it.

Yes, I’m back in the pool, a good reason to move on, with some sadness of course.  I’m not leaving ANTHONY!!!!

29 thoughts

  1. Change is difficulty, and made even more difficult by emotional connections to stability. I always hate to see the corporate giants swoop in and take over a small operation. But, that is the business world, I suppose. We have to adjust and change.
    Happy swimming.

  2. Oh, you know, I forgot to say that my comment here is part of my 50 comments at 50 blogs over 50 days for the #nerdution. I guess I never got around to chalking up your blog in my mix. You’re just part of my natural reading day. Thanks for writing and sharing.

  3. Sometimes you need change to revitalize yourself. Good luck with the swimming. I just started in the pool in December. Never did that type of exercise before but I am finding it incredibly meditative.

  4. Way to tackle a new challenge that you’ve given yourself. I’m totally impressed that you completed so many laps your first day out. You are an inspiration!

    • I am as surprised as you are. I didn’t expect to sink and I can’t say it was a pretty sight, but I did keep going and I probably could have done more. Although today I am on the couch with a head cold. 😦

  5. We have a 24 hour fitness here too, so you’ve managed to get me interested! I am still walking, but maybe swimming would be a new venture! Good for you for managing the change & making it all work well for you, Bonnie!

  6. Hurrah for you for taking on a new challenge! It is hard to change sometimes but things do change and we have to rethink our committments. Your old gym served you well and now a new opportunity.

    • Sadly, I don’t think so but I think that the owners are moving on as well. There was a time this gym was without much competition but over time that’s changed. This could be just the final blow.

  7. Bonnie,
    No one can blame you for wanting what is best for your physical health. It sounds like if you stayed at the other place, you wouldn’t feel as happy with your choice! Glad you’re taking the plunge and jumping into a place where you feel comfortable!

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