My OWL???: Slice of Life Tuesdays at Two Writing Teachers

Don’t tell!  I should not be composing my slice now, in the middle of a coaching training but I really need to zone out right now.  Way too much talking at us and we just ate lunch.

I need to revive myself before I fall asleep.

So I have an OLW now.  I have been reading the adventures of many slicers as they finally  light of their 2014  OLW.  I have been very impressed but uninvolved and certain I would not be joining in on this experience, but something very cool has been happening to me in the last two weeks and I think that’s my opening for a year of an adventure for me.  I hope so.

SWIMMING!!!!!! Can that qualify for a OLW focus???

Two amazing experiences in my new gym’s pool and I am in love!

7 laps completed on Day 1, 12 on Day 2 and I can’t wait to get back in the water for day 3

For me, this is an amazing return to the pool! Amazing!

I have not been a swimmer, not a happy swimmer since I was a kid in camp.  I don’t know that I swam laps but being in the water to avoid the heat and join up with friends, play!  I never wanted to leave the confines of my grandfather’s bungalow pool.  I never wanted to be the adult sitting and watching and strutting on the sidelines.  I didn’t get it.

And then I became an adult and I sat on the sidelines, never to want to return to the chlorine water that I once loved.

What happened?  Maybe the ordeal of putting on the suit.  I was rarely a strutter.

I think it’s a female thing to avoid the nakedness of the suit without any cover.  So I can’t explain what brought we back at this point in time.

New gym, the need for a new exercise regime. A friend who comes with me.  Tuvia’s enthusiasm.

But once I undressed, stripped down to a comfortable suit and walked a very short distance to the pool, surrounded by just a few fellow swimmers and no one seemed to notice my bulges,  I was in the water and getting familiar once again.

So, I think I’ll be back in my new pool tomorrow morning continuing to stay connected to my OLW- Swimming- make sense of the experience in my life.

22 thoughts

  1. I love swimming and I haven’t done it in a long while either. Seriously, swimming is a terrific word. We can swim in books, we can swim in a new tech thing we’re trying, we can swim in volunteering! The important thing about swimming is that we have to get wet! 🙂 xo

  2. Love the way you always jump into the deep end of the pool of whatever, then you swim to success. So why wouldn’t swimming be a perfect word for you this year? You do all this swimming, and soon you will be strutting in your suit. 🙂

  3. I swam off my baby weight back in 2011. Wow, did I hate getting in that pool the first few weeks. Eventually I realized no one was looking at me so I stopped caring.

    Good for you for keeping up with your new routine, Bonnie!

  4. Congratulations, Bonnie, both for finding your OLW and for getting back in the pool. I have a dear friend who has a heated pool and we swim for 1/2 hour each morning during the summer and on the weekends into October. It’s the best. Enjoy your time in the pool!

  5. It doesn’t get any better than passion, Bonnie, & that you have. I’m so happy this is going well for you. I was going to use ‘swimmingly’ but… taken. I like the idea of your olw means ‘action’, can’t beat that!

  6. You have made me want to go swim right now – in that warm over-chlorinated water of an indoor pool. I can feel the steam – aaahhh!! And the exercise would feel so exhilarating! Great choice for your OLW. I am still waiting for mine to show up!

  7. A friend and I do water aerobics in the summer. Sadly, no classes meet early enough during the school year. Keep the passion and fun alive and just keep swimming! You have an exciting OLW!

  8. Swimming is a wonderful word! I am in love with swimming too and returned to it through my kids. Enjoy the wonderful watery world. In the words of Dorie: “just keep swimming..”

  9. Ido love the water. Your post is perfectly timed for me. I injured my achilles and have been told I can bike or swim (but not skate or run or jump or do what I have been doing exercise wise). I’ve been avoiding the reality of it. I’d love to get back to the pool, but I’ve been nervous about it. Thank you for sharing your swimming story.

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