Eternal Snow Day Lover!: SOLT

SNOW DAY in Paramus!

I am still so driven by the possibility that life as we plan it comes to halt, if snow is coming I have trouble sleeping the night before and last night I didn’t sleep much knowing that if I didn’t get to gym early, I would miss my swim time and I have been salivating for #5 in the new pool.   Could I move off the couch, out of the kitchen, into a shower, dress and be out on the roads before 8:30, before the snow?

Of course!

It wasn’t pretty or fun but I was out and in the car and actually early,very early for the aqua class that no one knew for sure if it would even happen. So not wasting time, I took an open lane and started my laps, slowly finding my groove and ignoring the snow beginning to cover the ground outside.  Unintimidated by the swimmers nearby I kept my own pace and with a few more laps to go, a woman of importance enter the pool area from the side door and yes, she would be teaching the class.  Did I have the energy for another hour in the pool?

I finished 10 laps and moved to a small group of women ready to plunge with me.  All good.  We used weights designed for the water, the noodle, the pad.

Almost 2 hours in the pool and my legs could barely hold me up on the way out to the locker room.

And yes, it was snowing and the roads were beginning to ice and I was hoping that the trip back to Paramus would not be a nail bitter.

And it wasn’t.

In fact, it was a perfect snow day to experiment with my new crock pot.  Pot Roast for dinner!  Who’s joining us?

I have a Shakespeare date tomorrow night with my friend James to see Richard 111.  Generally things aren’t canceled in the city but now that we have a mayor who takes snow and its removal seriously, I’m wondering if I will even find a place to park. And I’m wondering if I will be with Tara and her Slicers tomorrow…

For now, let it keep snowing.  It’s been a great day so far.

Who else is enjoying a snow day today?


21 thoughts

  1. Snow day in St. Louis, grateful I didn’t have to navigate icy roads, but aggravated I have to find a day to reschedule. So what’s simmering in the crockpot? Ten taps, I’m impressed!

  2. Good for you for making it out before the storm! I heard it’s a real doozy in NJ.

    I was supposed to make “beef and butternut” in my slow cooker tonight and totally dropped the ball on it. (I’ll make it tomorrow.) Throwing together a chicken dish right now. Though if you want to deliver some pot roast to me, I’ll take it. 😉

  3. We have cold and snow from another storm coming in tomorrow night. We’ve been in the fifties-doubt we’ll have a snow day, but winter will return for a while. I’m making cookies, lemon shortbread-sound good with pot roast? So happy you’ve having fun in the pool Bonnie! Water is so calming!

  4. We din’t have enough snow for a snow day. Messy roads and late buses at school this morning. We are waiting to see if we will get another polar vortex. Who know, maybe a freeze day?

  5. Sounds like an awesome day! There may not be anything better than pot roast out of the crock pot…. or anything out of the crock pot for that matter. I wish we had a snow day here in Eastern Oregon soon, but it’s hit and miss. Sunny and clear to blowing snow sideways in 20 minutes.

    • Well, the crock pot did not work fast enough. I went back to old school. I am happy it’s cold but maybe I will be back in the pool. I have Shakespeare coming tonight in NYC. I hope I can get there 🙂

  6. We have a lovely day with snow, but no snow day. This term doesn’t exist in Estonian. Little kids sometimes get “külmapüha” meaning “cold holiday”, but teachers still have to go to school, because there are always some students who show up, even with freezing temperatures. Your pool morning sounds tiring and energizing at the same time.

  7. I’m so excited about you and swimming…and impressed. I can’t believe you did 10 and then did the class too. I want to get back in to the swimming thing next year! You pictures were so inviting and Pot Roast, that just sounds so good. The snow keeps coming this year. xo

  8. Hey Bonnie,
    Good for you for not letting the impending snow stop your plans to go swimming. And, it sounds like you got a fantastic workout! Your slice gives me another reason to really get going with my own exercise plans; I’ve really let things go for too long, now. Stay warm!

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