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First, let me send out excitement vibes for our upcoming #7 March Marathon that kicks off on Saturday.  I have proudly stepped to coordinate the Welcome Wagon so if you know potential new slicers send them our way.  Support will be there for them.

I have so much to write about now that I have begun my new project at Highland Falls last Friday and if there’s no snow, this week will allow me to go home again and kick off another new project at my old high school, where I graduated and then came to back to teach.  Yes, you can go home again, and it’s even better.  But first tomorrow I will be back in Tara Smith’s class documenting her students as they share slices.

As we kick off March Marathon, I will be presenting a workshop with good buddy Jack from the Hudson Valley Writing Project, as part of our first HVWP strand at the local NYSCATE day-long conference.  Lots of slice topics heading my way.

Today I’m going to share some on my Facebook insanity.

As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog, since January, I been having a love affair with the new 24 Hour Fitness Club pool.  Little did I know that I would ever take the plunge, even on the walk-thru when I was just a perspective member.  I had my tour guide move quickly in and out of the pool area.  Swimming was just not my thing, but the image of that pool climbed into the back of my brain and quickly moved to the front, almost against my will.

Soon I was sharing the idea with Tuvia and he ran with it.  Soon I was digging out my Danskin suit. Soon I was making a date with my good friend Hilda, to check out the new pool together.  Soon I was having night sweats of unveiling my bod in the fake suit.  Soon I was walking in my flip flops into the pool area.  Soon I was in the water, in my shared lane with Hilda and as she stuck by the side running her exercises I was off, swimming, almost.

Since then I’ve been in that pool at least twice a week, often more for an aqua class or for just a few after the treadmill.

It’s been magic, but the pictures above are a bit over the top, don’t you think?  First we only needed a bathing suit, caps were optional.  Then we had to have caps and I ran out to get one.  When I covered up the girl in charge laughed. Nope, you don’t need it.  Take it off.

What???  I thought hey why not try it.  Better for my hair.

I ordered a few cooler looking versions and left them until yesterday.  Home, I tried wearing each, stretching them out.  But wow are they tight.  I had the nerve/guts to create selfies and post them on Facebook.  Am I insane?  To think I never liked to be in pictures and now I’m publishing myself literally without hair?

Look at what swimming is doing to me?


12 thoughts

  1. You gave me a chuckle this morning. 🙂 Love those caps! What is swimming doing to you? It’s slowly toning your body, keeping you fit, and giving you a new way to exercise. Way to go Bonnie!

    • What a way to keep your writing moving along for the month of March. Come and check out a usual Tuesday to get a feeling. You will build our blogging community with great teacher educators. You write Slices of Life every day(that you can) for the month of March. Write about anything in your life- past and present. You will see comments.

  2. I’ve loved your pics on FB Bonnie, & know now that you are very brave. It’s hard to see our “selfies” sometimes. But the real thing that seems to be happening is your excitement about the swimming-last I remember it was 19 laps-woo hop! So proud of you. And now that the SOLC is almost hear, I’ll be able to hear all about your other ‘new’ work, right? Happy Days! My friend and colleague is doing the SOLC for the first time (Teaching From Behind) & with his class! I ‘think’ they’re all set to go!

  3. It’s so fun to follow your swimming journey. Our slicers are lucky to have you on the welcome wagon. And we look forward to hearing about your time in Tara’s classroom! It will be a fun month.

  4. Yeah for swimming!! So glad you are keeping up with it. It is addictive, just like this slicing and commenting. I really should do stuff for class tomorrow but I’d rather read slicers posts!

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