For Women Only!: Slice of Life MM Day #5

Morning Slicers,

I was sure that my mamo experience would take longer, but once again I was in and out!   I can’t say that I am great about getting medical checkups.  Yes, my partner of almost 20 years is a doctor thru and thru, but he doesn’t get check ups and has never pushed me, except for annual  visits to the gyno  and for a mammogram.

I actually did get a full medical exam this year as well probably for the first time in many years.

Last week I visited my gyno, who I will be leaving after many years. Her bedside manner is atrocious and I won’t take it anymore.  Tuvia is on the trail for a new one.

I had my appointment this morning scheduled for 8:45 and I was early.  I filled out a few papers, just a few and I was immediately called in.  I was escorted into a small room to disrobe into a soft, comfortable gown and then escorted to a waiting space.  I was prepared to spend precious time reading with my Kindle but no wait time.

Into a small examination room for the primitive mamo.  Too bad men don’t need mamos.  If they had do go through the exam we would be far beyond this crazy boob press process, right?

A patient technician walked me through the process  and without returning to the desk, I was out in less than 30 minutes.

What I love about the place is that years ago they created a wing just for women’s issues and that has made such a difference. Sometimes we need to be segregated don’t you think?

Now it’s time to prepare for the beaches of Cancun.  My afternoon of beauty begins at noon.



17 thoughts

  1. A distasteful appointment, but one that saves lives. Glad it was a quick encounter with the torturous machine. Enjoy you beauty treatment as you prepare for sunny days. (Totally jealous)

  2. It is certainly better after an appointment than before and during. Slice reading Marathon – such a right term- the reading and commenting is a bigger challenge than the writing.

  3. Beside manner is so important, isn’t it? Good for you for moving on. I left my primary care physician after I went to tell her I was pregnant with my first child. She spent the entire visit telling me how likely I was to miscarry, what signs to watch for, and not to come back until I was past the risk window. Enjoy Cancun!!

  4. Oh, Bonnie, I’m with you. I really hate that squeezy Mammo. As for the bedside manner of your doctor, I have a similar situation only it’s with her medical assistant. I h ate to call there or go in because the woman is so rude to me. I guess I should tell my doctor and look for another one. It’s probably a bad idea to avoid medical checkups because of someone else’s rudeness!
    Have fun in Cancun! It sounds lovely about now.

  5. Oh, that dreaded appointment, but after going through the process before a colonoscopy, I’ll take the mamo any day.

  6. Despite the distaste, you must go in haste, to care for your waist (& all the other parts, too!). Ha, Bonnie, much as I dislike all that stuff, it is good to go, & do find a better doctor-how awful that your doctor is not kind-he or she is missing the best part, right?

  7. This looks like Valley Hospital…but maybe all these places look alike. Funny how that damn TV is always on (Fox News, usually, ugh), which puts me in an even worse mood. Hooray for h Kindle…and hooray for your Cancun getaway – coming up soon, right?

  8. This is one of those procedures best saved for segregation. Who would want to sit in those gowns and wait except with other sisters? Although I suppose men do occasionally need mammograms. The beaches of Cancun, you do get around, Bonnie! Enjoy the sun for me!

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