A 20-Day Marathon Challenge: Day 1 #Writing 101

Thanks Lynn.  I just read your stream at 4:15 AM.  Generally, I’m still sleeping but this morning I am back to my old habits.  Can’t say it will serve me well later, as I’m driving up to Newburgh on the NYS Thruway, but right now in the darkness of the living room with the early Today Show streaming in the news and weather, I’m totally engaged and clicking away.  I used to do this every day for so many mornings and suddenly I came to a dead stop.  Sure I post often but the early morning writing into my day, there was something so romantic about that.  I’m remembering my writing into the day, paying tribute to my friend Eileen.  When that year of mourning came to an end, as much as I didn’t want to stop my letters to her, it felt right to move on in my own healing, but so too ended my daily purpose in writing…

But I’ve missed the ritual of writing and so much swirls up in my head that I want to put on the page. So much seems to be swirling right now… so after just reading Lynn’s Stream on Consciousness, I’m so in…

I’ve been swimming this year.  In the last month I’ve been taking on the challenge of learning how to swim with a very nice instructor just down the road at the YMCA in Ridgewood.  I have one more in my series of 5 to go and in the first 4, I’m getting the hang of free style and breast stroke.  I have been practicing a lot and even though I’m exhausted faster, I can swim from one side of the pool to the other free style.  Now breast stroke, newer to me, is not there yet but I am getting the hang of the full stroke, first hands, then legs.  Feels good to be learning something new at this point in my life and finding my way back to my childhood love of the pool.

I’m back swimming( my One Little Word) with my guitar as well.  All the way up to New Paltz yesterday, I listened my guitar playlist as I take up a recital challenge to work up my older and more recent pieces for a small, informal recital for a circle of some patient friends.  I need just a few friends to publish authentically.  I can’t wait to get all my music ready for the next stage, working with the Slow Downer software on my computer, and playing with the greats.  Years ago, more than 10, even before I retired, my lessons with Jonathan began and I started taking on pieces of music I heard and loved.  Sure, they were hard, beyond me and over the years, I have held on with them swimming along, getting to know them better and better and doing them justice as I make them sound more and more like music.  Looks like I’m heading for a Fall concert date.  More details to follow.

I’ve also started with swimming with a nutritionist at my gym where I workout with Anthony, who’s been my trainer since he was in college, actually since I retired.  Jenn, also works out there and after my more recent effort to lose some pesky pounds, just before we left for Paris, Anthony had us meet.  After two weeks of meetings with Jenn I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight yet, I’ve been avoiding the scale, but this doesn’t feel the same as the countless diets I’ve taken on.  Jenn is all about nutrition, duh, that’s her calling :).  She’s short and very toned.  But she works hard and doesn’t expect that I should follow her lead.  I like that.  We spent the first session just talking about what I eat, what I like.  There’s no- one size fits all diet plan coming to me.  Sure, she has shared some healthy alternatives but she’s getting to know me in my world, not pushing me into something prescribed .  I promised to get on the scale on Friday morning and have her do my BMI.  I have done that in the past so I’m not worried. And I do have a new scale in the bathroom to use.  I’ve been keeping a food journal, I’ve filled the fridge and closet with items from Jenn’s suggested healthier choices and I’m taking her recommendations seriously.

We will see.

It’s 5:20.  Probably more than 20 minutes of writing.  LOVED IT! Thanks Lynn.  What’s next tomorrow?


5 thoughts

  1. Oh cool, Bonnie, I”m glad you’re in! I love your swimming posts. You have a way of starting things that is so thorough. I have a swimming pool, and I go in it and paddle around, but I don’t even think of becoming one who “swims,” for some reason. And that is exactly the thing I should do! Thanks for joining me! And thanks for giving me the idea to swim more purposefully.

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