#CLMOOC Reflections: What happened last week?


One Week in the Lives of Writers: My 5-image story 


The rain just began to fall and I raced out and in for the NY Times but I’m leaving it for now so I can write into the day, my favorite way to being the day.  I don’t do it often enough but I want to catch my thoughts about this week before I don’t have them close.

This week was a full one. Just back from the Summer Digital Institute at Rhode Island, I was hoping to take a break from my computer screen for a few days, hours, but who was I kidding.  By Saturday morning, even earlier than now, I had to see what was happening to our welcome  to the CLMOOC community.  We were starting from a  place of plenty with a head start offered by Jack who took the lead on this HVWP debut.  I began reading, editing and adding text and links, but I WAS NOT ALONE.  Marc was already with me, beginning to edit right in the paragraph I was writing.  Ahhhh…. I knew right then that this would be a great week of sharing.

We worked for more than an hour together and then left it for Jack and Andrea to continue and soon we had it ready for the NWP team and by early Monday morning we went live in the virtual world as I was off to New Paltz in real time getting to know two of our YWPs.  I knew there this would be another full week with new challenges and mysteries but our HVWP team would make it great for me.

We had activity almost immediately  on Twitter and G+, with CLMOOCers finding their own ways into our image challenge. Text? No text? Pieces appeared. I had one ready, created with Tapestry( little did I know then that Tapestry was about to wave goodbye just as I was about to confidently introduce it at our HVWP SI).  It felt good to highlight the work of our TCs with the YWPs from the early part of our summer work


Our team was scheduled for a CLMOOC online discussion  set for Tuesday, a day I was not on the road but as we came close to 7 PM and we met up with Christina and Mallory for a check in  I was feeling tired but then it wasn’t about me.  Jack, Marc and Andrea could and would contribute and did.  As much as I love working online it was so good to be hanging out with them as we shared the mic and our 5 image story experiences.  I had begun this work with Jack as we used this genre as a way to move our teacher and student teams into the world of images in storytelling, layering in words as we moved along and eventually getting to PSAs and digital stories.

My work with Andrea in her district began just as she was working with grad students in a course for pre service grad students. Her students used 5- image stories in their lesson planning.   Then we presented workshops together at tech conferences and the HVWP with work from our PD with her teachers.  Marc, was game for exploration and had created his own pieces with Tapestry. So I was not alone and that’s the best way to be.  We had a conversation together, fueled by the greater CLMOOC community offering comments and questions in the chat room and even welcomed a math teacher, would joined us in our conversation.  Good to have Mallory keeping us informed and as we finished we felt good and Christina and Mallory offered warm words of thanks and support and we were off and ready to create and respond to the greater CLMOOC community on Google and Twitter.

Wednesday and Thursday I was back in the New Paltz, back with our SI, back with great friends and now I was gearing up for a 5-image story workshop in real time and wouldn’t you know that the day before the workshop Tapestry started bidding us a fond farewell?  I grabbed something that was recommended on the CLMOOC and that was a challenge for many of the participants even though it was fine for me the night before as I worked to created a how to.  That part of the workshop fizzled a bit even though I don’t worry about frustration.  Just part of the challenge and ultimately, I called out- Powerpoint in a pinch, even WORD. In the real world everyone is sitting in front of you will a different device and they don’t always cooperate.  But everyone had a collaborative experience creating a 5-image story with my pics and everyone got to meet the great Science teachers from Andrea’s school who shared their work so powerfully in my video. So live was good.

And then the Thursday night Twitter chat.  My first!  In the past I’ve been a lurker and now I came to the table first, shared some links from the SI and didn’t realize that no one probably saw them because the chat it in very real time and when Karen asked if I was ready with questions to lead the discussion, WHAT? NO!  We were not prepped for that, but of course Kevin to the rescue with Jack jumping right in as well and I could just respond.  LOVED IT!  Great conversations with some of the #CLMOOC regulars.

I’m so glad the HVWP team participated because I moved from lurker quickly.  So more CLMOOC to come, I hope.




6 thoughts

  1. Busy certainly described your week! I could comment on so many things but the demise of Tapestry makes me very sad. I know that change is good and all that, but I really enjoyed that format with my grad students…..and it was so easy….and so fast to share….but of course, like you, I will adapt and learn a new platform….sigh…cause teaching is certainly not a “stable” or boring profession!

  2. I was just getting comfortable with Tapestry! What a week of collaboration for you, Bonnie! Sorry I missed seeing some of it because of being gone. Glad you shared here. So we should check out zeega?

  3. Whew!! What a week. I enjoyed last week’s 5 Image story challenge. It gave me lots to think about as I created (and I hope to write my reflection on my blog today). I experimented with Zeega while doing my 5 image story and liked it. I don’t know if I used it to its full potential, but I gave it a try. 🙂

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