home, HomE HOME!!!!: SOLT

We are happy to be home.  We are very happy to be home!  We are so happy to be home that we are wondering when we can start planning the next trip away so when we are away we can miss home 🙂

I wonder if I away felt this way before Tuvia, or has been his influence on me that I am so excited to get into that airport taxi and race home, especially when it’s dark, early in the morning and the Garden State Parkway is almost empty. Not sure.  I remember the excitement of packing and arriving somewhere else but coming home…

By the middle of the vacation Tuvia is usually restless to be home.  I’m not there, but yes, on the day of departure, I am itching to be at the airport and in the air, especially this time when Hamas was calling for rockets to hit the Ben- Gurion on that very day.  Never an issue but waiting until 8PM to leave for the airport seemed like an eternity.

It was a great trip. Strangely, a  perfect time to be there with so few fellow Americans touring Israel. We felt proud to take up the slack. But once the ceasefire ended it was hard to escape the insecurity and the sound of the bombs, most caught in the Iron Dome. Mostly… And once the news of the American beheaded by ISIS, and photos appearing from Gaza that Hamas was modeling themselves after ISIS by covering the heads of “spies” who worked with the Israelis, we shook.

We were very rich in friends and family who were more than happy to come to us for meet-ups and we felt what they are going through with the insecurity of life during this particular war.

But being away, walking along the Mediterranean Sea gave me a new view of my life back home, perfect for reflecting.  I have upcoming projects like I’ve been lucky to have every year and I started to consider how my challenges could be different this year.

For one thing, after watching and digesting many views of the movie CHEF, on the plane coming home, I’m committing myself to a second-minute a day of video to document 2014-15.  I tried this once with Andrea, but I didn’t have a passion behind me.  I’m following the young boy in the movie and I watched the TED talk presented by the founder of the app who himself, has been capturing a bit of every day of his life for the past 3 years and want to continue forever.

I have taken up a photo a day for years as a blogger, but I stopped that one day.  I miss that daily challenge so, here goes.  I have day one preserved with plans for something today when I’m back at my home.

What’s home?

I’m thinking that being away while it’s wonderful to embrace the new place, keeps you off kilter and the longer you stay the more you yearn for the stability of home.   Just a thought… And I’m looking forward to Fall… ready for a new season and some new Fall clothes from Chicos.

Still some lingering Jet Lag- up at 2:30 today 😦  But after a few off days with breakfast at 3 am and sleeping from 3 in the afternoon, until 3 AM even though we planned on a nice dinner out at 6, I’m starting to feel less fogged which is good because my HVWP PD planning work begins today.

I LOVE IT ALL!!!!  Enjoy this new year 🙂

9 thoughts

  1. YOU certainly capture the excitement of travel and the joy of safe return. Each is wonderful in its own special way! I love potential of an image a day photo or perhaps even a post each day about school…..hmmmm…..I wonder if I might try that challenge to myself this year!

  2. I haven’t done every day, but am trying to get walking & the lure is to find something worth capturing via a pic. Love your idea of a video minute, already anticipating how it would be, Bonnie. I’m glad you are safely home, but am so sad about others in the world who are not. Have a good week–home!

  3. So glad you are home safely. I have a few friends in Israel, but have never visited there. I marvel at you going there when there was so much turmoil. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a solution would be presented and that it worked!. I like your idea of a photo a day and hope to see them. Jackie

  4. Your energy just oozes out of this post, even through your jet lag. So glad you had a good trip and a safe return. Coming home is always special. We’ll be looking forward to your pics from your new project.

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