A Minute Every Day: SOLT

Since I first caught a viewing of the movie, Chef, I’ve been playing with my iPhone is a new way, inspired by the young boy in the movie and then I found Cesar Kuriyama the source,  in a  TED talk.  with his piece here vimeo.com/65154352.

When we got back from Israel at the end of the summer, I started my version of short daily bursts of personal documentation.

I found a second a day too limiting and moved to more, closer to a  minute almost every day. Of course I was using up lots of space on my phone and some days I was using my regular camcorder.  I had to get organized and started downloading the moments to my eternal hard drive and then I decided  to bring my collection into Final Cut and start playing after I had the first 2 1/2 months, from late August- Halloween.  I played with adding music, adding titles and finally let each moment stand for itself: a small snippet of each day of my life.

What do you think?  Is there anything of interest here, beyond a viewing of me and etc….?

I’m up too early but it was fun to get this to Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers early #4 and start catching up there with my Slicer community.  Check it out here