Climbing with Team Kapniss: Day One SOLSC #SOL15

I am just starting my first March Marathon post now, at 2:30.  Breaking with my own tradition, I was sound asleep at 12:01, as the month officially began because I knew sleep was my highest priority if I was going to get up at 5:45 AM with some energy and a smile.

I had my clothes out before I headed to a 9PM exit to get as much as could for the morning Climb ahead.

Last year Tuvia and I showed up for the brunch that followed Team Katniss’s first Climb for MS at Top of the Rock.  All 66 floors for the band that came together when my niece, Leigh, was diagnosed with MS.  Ironically, she was then completing her internship required for a Physical Therapy doctorate and she knew, first hand, what MS was from her own patients.  Now she knew the disease intimately.

A year later Team Kapniss has grown to 33 members with lots of family and friends supporting on the side lines.  I was challenged to join the Climb.  My trainer, Anthony urged me on, in fact, worked with me just yesterday.  My nutritionist, Jenn, sharing personal experience on a Climb up those same stairs was sure the team spirit would be infectious and when Leigh got my text that I had signed up, she shot back a response that confirmed my determination.  My brother, Leigh’s dad assured me that we would be walking together, as slowly as need be.

Okay, I was psyched.  Tuvia would be waiting at the top, taking the elevator up with the rest of the family.

I was off at 8:15, surrounded by lots of youth and some adults close to me but I’m sure I was the lone 65 year-old.  The first few floors were okay, but very soon I was starting to sweat and soon to feel a bit dizzy and my chest felt funny.  Rick was willing to stop with me often as we made it to the first level with water and chairs and snacks. I urged Rick to keep going.  I was ready to stop but a wonderful woman, Deborah, a PT teacher of Leigh’s was wondering what she would do and together we decided to keep going to the next stop at the 38th floor.

Like Rick, Deborah was willing to stop with me often to catch my breath a breathe.  She walked behind me when she heard I was feeling dizzy.  I pushed through to the 38th floor, drinking water, sitting down the Deborah, having my pulse taken by the EMT.  It was racing but not anything dangerous.  Just warning me that enough was enough.

Deborah pushed on and made it to the top as  I headed for the elevator that brought me down, back to the start.

It was a great experience, really great to see Leigh glowing, having an easier time than she had last year. It felt good to be there for her, to bask in her circle of friends and family.  She is loved and should be.  My mom used to call her “sweetness”. What a perfect description.   She is happiest as a physical therapist , when she is working with  the elderly. I’m not surprised.  She has found her calling.  So happy to be with her and the TEAM today.

I don’t know that I will take on this challenge again.  I think I my heart sent me a sign.  Remember you’re 65. For now I’ll just hang out with Tuvia, home, warm and watch yet another Sunday snowfall.

10 more days to Cancun!!!!

20 thoughts

  1. I’m glad you did this challenge at least once. Now you can go on being 65! I’ve taken on the solsc15 challenge this year, for my first time. I guess this will reinvigorate my blog! I’ll look forward to your Cancun photos!

  2. You are inspiring! You made it to the 38th floor? My knees are buckling in pain at the 3rd floor. Well done my friend. Spend your time beside Tuvia.

  3. You are definitely an inspiration. I wouldn’t have made it beyond the fifth floor. Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies. In spirit, though, you made it to the top.

  4. Wonderful effort! You should be proud of yourself! But even more than that, you were there to support and encourage your niece! That is family!

  5. Bonnie, you’re such a rock star! I love the challenge, love that you’ve taken it on so enthusiastically, and I’m super impressed. That’s a LOT of climbing! Love to you and your niece (and Tuvia, because I just always love Tuvia)! Glad to be catching up with you this slicing month!

  6. Bonnie! You are awesome. It seems like everyone month you are trying something new. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but just in case I haven’t, I want my retirement to be just like yours!!

    • All good. I’ve been very lucky to have a band of girls and one boy to spend time with as they grew up and now they are creating their own families… 3 babies and another on the way.

  7. Hey Bonnie, Jenn here! Your SOL reminds me that challenges cause us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise pursue! For me, it was poetry. For you, it was climbing an incredible number of stairs! Way to push on when things got tough! Hope I’ll do the same in a few days…

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