#NYSCATE15 !: #sol15 7/31

A long day for us!  I was up at 5:30 so I could comfortably enjoy an early-morning shower, dress in the darkness with clothes I’d placed away from a sleeping Tuvia. So that before Tara arrived I’d be casually eating my power breakfast with bags packed and ready to leave with navigation to Roy Ketchum High School set and ready.

And I was… of course I couldn’t get by Tuvia who was up for a quick bye-bye.  Of course I looking forward to the adventure but by the time I would be back I could officially start thinking about our trip on Wednesday.

Tara was on time, as usual and we were off by 6:35 AM No SNOW!!!!!

Of course the ride up was fun, filled with face-to-face updates and bit of refreshing our workshop presentation, but we had the luxury of breaks before we were up.

I would be chained to our room because, wearing another HVWP hat, I’d been introducing the other presenters and the highlight our upcoming Institute and Young Writing Camps.  Lots of responsibility on very little sleep.

We arrived with many other conference presenters and participants.  After years of success, the successful formula continues and no matter the weather, this is a very popular tech educator conference.

Last year our writing project began the HVWP stream and we were invited to continue.  This year we were housed in prime real estate- the Library!

Julie Jee, HVWP super star was all set up with her Arlington team of teachers ready to present her latest work with Google 80/20 and soon it was standing room only.  Great start!!!!

Great, smooth collaboration and in 1 hour Jack and I began to set up for workshop #2.  But only a trickle a teachers took the seats and after a few minutes of debate we began.  Jack and I have presented often and this work came from our early days of collaboration at his school when we first worked in the PSA medium that fit well with argumentative writing.  Over time Jack has been able to build on our roots and, wow, I was impressed.

Break time for coffee, schmoozing, lunch at 10:30???

Tara and I snuck away, back to the library to refine our workshop and chill.

A bit break now…

Danielle and her Dover students presented to a small group of teachers and again that was okay.  She had given the kids a huge role in the presentation and they were comfortably able to teach teachers.  So cool.

Tara and I were exhausted by 2 and hoped that maybe no one would show and we could skip out for a good cup of coffee and spirited ride home, but no, we got a good sized crowd and even at the end of the day it was an engaged group of teachers, interested in my HVWP intro and then our workshop about our Slice of Life project from last year.

It was great even if both of us were fried, dreaming of the ride home.

So it was a great day at NYSCATE!

Home in an hour and out for an early dinner with Tuvia while Tara headed home for a cooked meal of corned beef and cabbage, compliments of Scott Smith.

Now to packing for the beach and working on my video for SOL 15!

8 thoughts

  1. That sounds like a wonderful day, Bonnie. Those Saturday conferences are always the best because they bring people who want to be there and are excited about learning. I can’t wait for the video! 🙂

  2. What a day! I knew you and Tara would have a great presentation and keep the teachers engaged. Now you can begin the plans for your beach time. I’m looking forward to Monday’s video. I hope you are getting a good response.

    • I am. Hope it’s ready for Monday. Not sure right now. Great day with Tara and HVWP team. Now for some House of Cards with Tuvia. I’m sure I won’t get too far 🙂

  3. Like elsie, I had no doubt that you and Tara would be a dynamic duo. How lucky those educators were to have your knowledge and enthusiasm. I’ll bet you were both tired, but I am also sure it was a good tired. As you pack for your trip, I hope you are planning to take some snow and ice along with you as a reminder of what you are leaving behind.😊

  4. This looks and sounded like a great day of learning. ONE DAY I will make my way up to the HVWP for a conference. (Maybe one day when I can bring Isabelle for the day and she’ll be willing to read a chapter book while I learn from you and your colleagues.)

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