Passover Places: 3&4/30 #sdawpphotovoices,

Tuvia and I just had to show up. We brought flowers and dessert and rode the highways to arrive early for the Seders in Hoboken to be with his family and Ellenville, for mine. We were careful not to eat too much matzah and macaroons but just to be with family for traditional holidays was wonderful.

Ami, Adi and the kids left last night to spend the rest of their Passover vacation in Israel, but Adi spared nothing to make sure her table was filled with Seder rituals.  By now she is a master at packing for 4.  It does help to know that the weather will be warm and winter clothes totally unnecessary. Ahh, I remember that kind of packing.

As we wished them well, I knew we had another date with Passover to come and I wondered how I could stay away from the dangers ahead.

Over the years of hosting Seders, my brother Jeff has become a master at moving the service along and Marla has been creating and revising a Haggadah that highlights the essence of the event without the boredom and stiff English that works for both adults and kids.

I have lots of video to put together to capture the last night’s evening so there’s more to come.

For now I’m going to leave with it with the photos above that capture place, I hope!



2 thoughts

  1. Such joy and love from these photos of family continuing traditions that have been passed down the generations. Family is what it’s all about.

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