A Room with a View at Englewood Hospital: #sol15

We are finally home and even though my head-cold lingers, I’m pushing through it at 5AM to use my Slicing time to digest our week at Englewood Hospital.

It was stressful for sure but not as tough as it’s been on previous visits in the last 3 years. Up until Tuvia’s first bleeding episode just before an annual trip to Israel, we were riding the crest of life, but like every human, even the healthiest of us has to accept a slowing down, a need to repair living damages to the human machine and just bottom line, accept our mortality.

This week was filled with the usual stress and life-on-hold experience: no time to exercise, no ability to read anything but Facebook posts,  sleepless nights(the worst time), up early and off to the hospital, back home after dinner.

But here are some good things that happened:

1. I could keep friends and family updated with short phone calls,texts and Facebook posts and then, in turn, received  the compassion I needed. Thanks 🙂

2. Tuvia had great doctors who were respectful of his 45 year dedication to Englewood Hospital and his medical expertise even though it’s tricky when the doctor is the patient. His cardiologist returned our first crazed service call on a Saturday night, within 15 minutes- how about that? He actually  left too soon and we had to return 24 hours later to make sure his meds were correct.

3. Back on Friday, he was officially discharged on Sunday and  left the hospital feeling better than when he entered- that’s amazing! They even found the source of his bleeding leek that’s plagued us for the last three years. And it seems that his Afib-racing heart beat- has slowed down. Good thing, we have a wedding in Newport, Rhode Island coming up in July.

4. And I am finally engaged in the medical world. Previously, I remained on the sidelines, letting others take the lead. NO MORE! I’m in it with Tuvia,listening and sharing my experiences as “the wife”. I began demanding attention in this horrible experience. Medicine is still not a profession I find appealing but if the doctor makes eye contact and speaks my language, I’m good to go.

5. I need one more day before I get back to the gym, but this morning I’m not canceling an appointment at the Apple store to repair my iPhone camera. My pictures are suddenly out of focus and I get to experiment with my iWatch.Tonight we are meeting up with my brother, sister-in-law and dad for dinner at the Rhodes Tavern in Sloatsburg, New York for a great steak.

Looks like we are returning to normal… fingers crossed!

29 thoughts

  1. Glad Tuvia is home and all is well once again. Hospitals are strange places, and they often do treat “us” like it’s all too complicated for them to explain to us. I think we teachers do that to parents sometimes.

  2. What a whirlwind week you’ve had. I am glad you can slow down and let life return to “normal” and do a few things for yourself.

  3. What a powerful post. Taking charge of one’s experience at a hospital is big stuff. It’s easy to feel like everyone else knows better. But no one knows Tuvia like you do. Beautiful photos as well. I’m so glad you aren’t changing your appointments. Taking care of yourself is critical. Enjoy your day! I LOVE going to the Apple store, it almost feels like a library–filled with knowledge and power.

  4. Oh Bonnie, I’m sorry you two have had such a rough time. I didn’t realize this was going on. I’m glad he’s home and hope all will be well now. Hugs to you.

  5. I’ve been so out of it this past week that until the recent few days I didn’t even know about Tuvia & your week, Bonnie. I’m so glad that it became a positive, as much as you can make it, time, & that Tuvia is better. Hugs to you both for a good, good summer wherever it takes you.

  6. So glad to read that they have discovered the source of the bleeding. Yes, bodies do age as much as we try to ignore the fingerprints of time. You have so much strength, so hang in there and demand answers when there are questions. Hopefully life will get back on the comfortable track and stay there for a long while.

  7. Even though the medical world and language can be tough, you show confidence and perseverance. Exactly what Tuvia needs to heal. You go, girl!

  8. So glad to hear that everything is fine. You have had quite a week. Hope thing return to the normal hustle and bustle for you. Keep asking questions and don’t stop.

  9. So glad you and Tuvia are on the road to normal. The medical world is a foreign country yet you are bravely taking it on. Here’s to the Apple Store, that steak and the July wedding!

  10. Your post exemplifies the feelings people have when they put their life on hold to support a loved one who is ill. It’s not just the lack of exercise and disruption, it is as if you hold your breath for a LONG long time….and then….on the other side…you start to exhale…slowly and carefully. Prayers for a steady recovery.

  11. So glad things worked out Bonnie!! Can not beat eye contact and common language. I think if someone can not explain a medical concept in common language they may hot have a deep understanding of the concept.

  12. Tuvia is so lucky to have a “wife” like you! You ask the important questions, question the authority,and yet filled with patience and healing love. Hopefully the nights of worry are in the past. Mexico here we come!

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