Letters to Tuvia #30 September 26,2015: A Good Day!

Morning Tuv R,

First, I know that you don’t really get Facebook and virtual communities but the support I’ve been getting from friends has been amazing!  I write one of these letters, press publish and it goes public here, on Facebook and Twitter  and then almost immediately Facebook/Twitter friends and my blogger buds read it and send me a like and or a comment.   So I’m going to thank those amazing friends right now for taking the time to read and support me at this very tough time  getting used to life without you.

So on the 30th day since I began writing these letters to you let’s chalk up a good day, maybe the best yet.  Feels good to hear right?

So I know you’re thinking, why? What was it about this day that made things different?  Hmmm, let me think about that? Well it had nothing to do with sleep, because I didn’t get much of that even though I have moved back into our bedroom finally, and off the Lazyboy.

  1. The sunshine is still going strong allowing me to enjoy another fall day outdoors and inside.

2.  To prepare for my long neglected nutrition appointment with Jenn,  I bravely and gingerly stepped up on my scale and when the number appeared I thought at first, did I gain weight?  NO!  I hit my goal weight!!!!(Private)  Since last May, with a massive change in eating, I’ve lost 20 lbs.  in key places.  I know you were skeptical but over time you had to admit that the eating changes I made were beneficial for both of us. Right?  Bravo,  Jenn Lowenfish!!!! and course Anthony Muscatellajr my trainer!

3. Sharon made it her business to meet up with me yesterday for walking, sharing a meal and folding in some shopping before she leaves for  travel to upstate NY and then to Madrid in October.  In Ridgewood we strolled and lunched at the Daily Treat of course.  Then shopped at Paramus Park- Chicos of course.  Val welcomed me back with loving hugs and attention that I’m used to as I picked out a few new Fall selections.  Of course I missed the fashion show I create for your eyes only when I got back to the house.  Instead I packed up jackets and shared them with Adi.

4.  Weekend back in Hoboken in the Rosenberg family circle. Friday night dinner at the Turkish restaurant you took me to on our first day.  Do you remember where we sat?  It’s in a photo above.  Can you pick it out?

The place is showing its age but our wonderful waiter remembered us coming over the years as a family and filled us in with the history of the place and free desserts.   Of course he’s hoping to win  us back as regulars again.  The food was still great and I love the atmosphere.

So I’m here for the weekend, hoping to keep smiling.  Next Saturday we celebrate your birthday, a barbecue at the house, something you would never have allowed if you were still here.

You will be missed my love. Mihael is sitting across from me as I finish #30.

Bonnie S.

6 thoughts

  1. Yes Bonnie, you do have a support system that is present and virtual. You know there is a lot of love sent your way. This post left me smiling, as I pictured you at Chicos finding something new. Congrats on the weight loss! I could use some tips in that area. 🙂

  2. It is a blessing to have so many riding right along with you, Bonnie. I enjoyed hearing about this day, and imaging you at Chico’s and at that old favorite restaurant. Visiting places filled with memories keeps Tuvia close, and perhaps that’s something to remember. Hugs to you for a sunny weekend.

  3. As I read your posts I am astounded at all the people you have in your life. This seems so unusual to me. It seems that every day has lots of people coming and going.

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