Letters to Tuvia #38: The Morning After (10-4-15)


Tuv R,

I missed you yesterday, really missed you but you were celebrated in high style!  Of course there were more people with us than you would have approved of- 15.  Way too many for you to digest in one event but then I found the extra leaf for the dining room table that we never used and with that all 12 diners had a comfortable spot for the last part of the celebration.

Sorry, but I just couldn’t capture the whole experience in images,  but know that in addition to the clan we had: Jane, Sheila and Fred, Tara and Scott, Dani, Assia and Etan with us.  We could have invited more of course, but I had visions of you wagging your finger- too many at one time!

It was a hard morning for me.  My early-morning session at the gym with Anthony was great but after that, once I was home to take care of my responsibilities, I was done in 30 minutes and ready to get the party started but had hours to go before  Ami and Adi and the kids weren’t arriving.

But I had the phone, my tool for text and talking and I caught up with James and Tara and soon… the clan arrived and the day took shape and motion.

By 4, the guests began to arrive and I was engaged, thrilled really that I was enveloped in  this circle of love for you,  holding my breath, waiting for Sheila and Fred to arrive, settle in and then call everyone to attention.  Most didn’t know anything about my new video, Tuvia Rosenberg: A Celebration, but once it began it felt perfect.

Ami watched just behind me.  I heard his sobs. Later as he grilled on the porch we talked about how powerful it was to see you in image after image so happy, living such a full life.

The evening progressed. Ami and Adi took charge of the  main meal, I saved the cake for dessert, decorated with Happy Anniversary #9, Ami and Adi.  Remember our surprise  when instead of Mia’s naming ceremony we were part of their family wedding, the best birthday present anyone could get, especially someone who never wanted a gift.  This was one you couldn’t refuse!

Finally it was only family and we walked thru house together, discovering treasures from your life before me in photo albums and bits of mementoes.  Even though I wasn’t a part of that life Ron and Ami folded me in.  I loved the pictures of you, young and vibrant, just beginning your life as an adult.

Tuv, you have left me the gift of family.

As Ami, Adi and the kids left,  everything was in its place with just bouquets of flowers, reminders- one from me, one from Jane and Michael.

Today Sophia arrived at her usual 9AM to clean away the crumbs and leave the place shining.

On this morning after the sun is shining.  This afternoon  I’m off to the movies.  I am selecting from a place of plenty now that the Fall season is underway. Pawn Sacrifice- a bio pic about Bobby Fischer.   Too bad it wasn’t playing during the summer.   The last few movies you got to see with me were blockbusters.  I hated watching you stare down at your watch wishing you could make the time move faster so we could get out of the theater. Oh well, you’re coming with me today, right?

One last thing- I think I’ve found a way to handle  your  T-waves. As they come at me in my car, I’m embracing them.   I’m breathing deeply as you come into me.

Keep coming.  I’ll never turn you away. Never.

Love you Tuv,

Bonnie S.


3 thoughts

  1. What a wonderful celebration of your man’s life! You are blessed with the gift of family. There is joy of life in your video. Enjoy your movie today and let those T-waves swirl about and embrace them.

  2. I’m happy for you that it was a good celebration of Tuvia’s, then yours and Tuvia’s life together. The idea of “T-waves” is a wonderful one, washing upon you as often as you allow them. I hope you like the movie you’ve picked, Bonnie. Hugs for a good day.

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