Letters to Tuvia #48 Debate? Baseball? (10-13-15)

Morning T,

Another day came to  an end as the Dems took to the stage.  I could have been watching the Mets battle to the World Series, but from our first date on, it was clear that politics would always be a priority for both of us and that’s  still true. As we rode to Jersey City to one of your favorite Turkish restaurants, I asked if you were following the World Series,( the Yankees were on their way to another title. You politely offered to turn on the game if I wanted to listen.

“No, no thanks.  No game tonight.  You aren’t interested in baseball are you, right?”

“Right.” You were hesitant, watching me.

Smiling “Any sports interest you?”

“No” Hesitantly.

” Good! Me neither.”

Both of us smiled. Relieved.


I am writing and listening as Bernie takes on Hill. I wish  that America could embrace this  Brooklyn guy! Any chance?    Ugh, the quiet in this room was  deafening,

As for yesterday, yes, it was another busy day.  I got my car inspected, enjoyed a healthy salad at Zinberger’s, finally got  your taped interviews transferred  to my computer thanks to the kindness of Hank at Apple.  He had just the piece for my camera.

Do you remember when you sat down with me Cancun, on our first trip there and shared your early life.  It was amazing to listen to your vivid memories.  I left the last of  tape #1 run to its finish and headed over to Tara’s just missing the rain as we  walked Sophie  and caught up.  Then she created dinner and I drank some very good red wine.  Yes, I will reciprocate, but she’s tough, like you, she grabs for the “check”.

As we talked together  I thought abut how unencumbered our relationship has been over our 20 years together.  No kids to raise and argue over.  Your kids were grown and we enjoyed the grand kids. We shared our homes. Both of us had professions we loved and continued  to work but not obsessively anymore.  Well, I was did obsess when I still worked full time for our first 10 years. But we had the time and resources to travel, eat out at will, just get to know each other with the opportunity to really get to know each other without distractions.  Sure, I wish I had even more time with you but really, two days before you left we both went off to work and then meet up later for a dinner at Bone Fish.  I didn’t have to watch you slowly fade away from me. One massive attack on that sunny Friday morning and as a team of EMTs tried to bring you back, you exited with style and grace on your own terms.  At this moment, as I finish this thought, I say BRAVO to you Tuvia Rosenberg.

Here’s the last image I snapped of you  as we were finishing our last meal together at Bone Fish. Smiling back at me. IMG_7774

When I’m down and miserable this is the T I want to keep with me.

Miss you so much as I begin another day without you,

Bonnie S.

9 thoughts

  1. That tech work is the knot you have to untangle. A challenge to tackle and the reward of Tuvia at the end. I love your reminiscing of the early days of your life with Tuvia. Beginning a relationship is a delicate dance. You had something special.

  2. Love the pic of Tara in her kitchen! Just catching up with the last few days of Tuvia letters. Such love in all your words! Blessings as you navigate through this time.

  3. Such good memories, & lucky to have so much that you and Tuvia loved together, Bonnie. Happy to hear that you’ve worked out the challenges of the tape transfer. Hugs for a good day today.

  4. Good memories, and I am so glad to finally read what I’ve been looking for–was Tuvia ill at the end? No. So glad to hear of his quick exit. That is what I pray for. There is a joke among my friends that I can make the quickest exit from a room that any of them has ever seen. I want the same for the end of my life. Such a blessing for all involved. There one minute, gone the next.

  5. Ah, but can any of us truly make a quick exit? One could say that we are all dying, every moment of every day. So let’s live our moments with care, with Bonnie and Tuvia as fine examples xo

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