Letters to Tuvia #56: Thanks (10-21-15


Morning Tuvia,

I know you don’t really understand this virtual community- Facebook, Twitter,blogs, but I’m going to share a note I got last night from my friend Beth from the U  of Maryland Writing Project:

  Dear Bonnie, I just wanted you to know how deeply moved I am by your sharing your love and grief through your letters to Tuvia. I feel like you are a wonderful teacher leading us all to a better understanding of how to grieve and be present and true and honest about loss. Thank you for your example. I regularly read and think about what you are expressing, and I feel like I am learning from you how I would want to live with my loss. I hope that makes sense. I just wanted you to know that your writing is a source of solace and comfort to others, as well. 

I know you a much more private person than I am, but you have to appreciate the wonderful support I’m getting from friends who read these letters to you and respond.  Writing has been so therapeutic for me as the writer. There’s are kernels of thoughts in my head but once I start writing, those kernels seem to explode and expand on the page. The power of writing for me, for kids.  The Writing Project has it  right.  Exercising my writing muscle every day is anchoring me, keeping me “sane”. I wonder sometimes if I should be keep these letters private but then I get a response, like the beautiful one above from Beth, and I’m supported, fueled to continue.  Shout out to my community!!!!!! Writers need readers!

Yesterday was filled with activity and friends.  I was up and out for another workout at the gym  and then a visit to the Apple store  to work on your videos.  Their 30 minute sessions are just not enough time, but I got a sense of what I needed to do.  I can continue on my own.

I headed for my apartment, played my guitar, enjoyed my space, teared up a bit and surprise- Chris Carley, visiting from LA, sent me a text, hoping I could  meet up with him. SURE!!!!  It was easiest to see him at the Mall- coffee and Chris!  I don’t remember the last time we were sitting across from each other but there we were in an empty Barnes and Noble taking full advantage of the quiet.  What a pleasure it’s been to see him grow up from a scrappy 8th grader- a  passionate, independent, theater lover and now in the 30’s: a husband, dad, still in the “business”  as a professional.  I’m so proud of him and glad it matters to him to find time for me on his short visit to New York.  Fingers crossed that he’ll move back home one day soon.

At 6 he dropped me off at the movies and Bonnie arrived to  see The Martian with me and then grab dinner to catch up and make sense of the good space flick.  So good to have a friend just down the road.  Book buds, yes, but so much more over our years of meeting up to talk books and life.

It was a good day with chats from family- Rick and Ami and Ron.  It was a good day that I often reached for my phone to share  with you. No matter how busy I seem to be,  you are always just under the surface, waiting for me.

Today will be filled with activity and friends as well.  It will be almost good. Almost good.

Miss you T,

Bonnie S.

7 thoughts

  1. Yes, Bonnie, your letters not only teach how to grieve, but also to love the current moments we have. What a tribute to you to have this former student reach out during his visit to the city! Enjoy your day!

  2. It is difficult to explain this online community to others. I’m so glad that we met in person a few years back at All Write, but our writing is what binds and links us. Blessings to you for an almost good day! So glad for the friends who are there for you in person as you walk your new journey.

  3. I’m reading, I’m reading. I may not always respond, but you can be sure your writing has a reader here in the heart of California. I appreciate how you are processing, on “paper” your love and grief, as a writer will do.

  4. I’m so glad that Beth wrote to you and so eloquently said what we your readers feel – and glad, too, that your student reached out to you. I’m sure it was a lively and warm conversation!

  5. It sounds as if you had more than one good moment with good people yesterday, Bonnie. I’ve been busy most of the day, & your post didn’t come up easily. Next time I’ll just look for it. I think we all want to give support to you, but you are also writing much of what I’ve felt in the past, and still am feeling. You had that time that you called Tuvia to check in, to share, & it is still a part of what I still miss, the ‘telling’. When I read, I guess I should share that often I am not just reading, but also nodding my head back, saying ‘you’re right, that’s it!” Thanks, Bonnie, & hugs.

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