Letters to Tuvia #78 Week in Review (11-14-15)

Evening T,

I’m coming to you from Andrea’s- a girl’s night in: a great home-cooked dinner-  chicken, veggies, vodka, wine, chocolate and ice cream. I’m stuffed now in pjs as we await the second Democratic Debate, that you would have insisted we watch from start to finish.  You, a true Hillary fan and given the insane Republican stable, it’s looking better and better for her.  Happy? Sorry, but I slept through them.

And as another week ends without at least a  phone call from you here goes my reflective wrap up:

I spent 3 evenings in New York City, yes that’s 3 adventures in NYC that you would have loved.

Monday night I drove to Hoboken and met up  with Ron and Ami, just arrived that morning from Israel. We were united in our efforts to visit Rosie, who has been in the hospital for more than a week and is just now diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Yes, of course Rosie missed you grabbing doctors, and asking just the right questions.

Leora met us there and went out of her way to show the energetic interest in her Rosie’s  work that we just couldn’t. Great being with NYC  with your clan.

Back in my car the next afternoon in the middle of some serious rain I refused to postpone my scheduled meet-up with Leigh- to explore her city turf- what a pad and we had a great food adventure together with a waiter from Croatia who could do enough for us.  Can’t wait for our family Thanksgiving to come.

Evening 3 in NYC/Brooklyn with the Chapins. Dinner with Tom and Bonnie, music from Lily and Abigail and more.   Another complete success.

In the middle of all this movement we brought in real estate agents and walked them around the house, our home for the last 20 years- your home from 50 and yes, it was much harder than I thought it would be.  Everything is harder than I thought it would be but I keep waking up for the next day to come.

Yesterday I was in and out of my car for a last minute invite to join Patti Stock for lunch at our Poughkeepsie spot and our conversation was much more exciting than the food.  We were probably sitting at the same table you sat at with us when we had lunch with Patti for her birthday.  Yes, you were missed again.

After a therapy session with Sandie, a Friday night dinner in Hoboken compliments of Ron.  All good until I was back my car riding home solo.  You should have been riding shotgun next to me, enjoying the end of a Friday night, another week without cold or snow.

Today  I was back at the gym for an early morning workout with Anthony, just where I fell apart last Saturday and began the mourning phase of Acceptance that you are not coming back and life without you is my new reality.  Easy to say, to write, but so hard to live. But driving up to Ellenville and hanging with my family was warm and familiar, especially with the very entertaining Eliana.

But it’s my goal to keep moving out of the darkness of your death and into some lighter times always taking you with me.  I’m hoping for the best T, as I prepare for Minneapolis, family Thanksgiving, a trip to see James in December, Ami returns for Chanukah with his family and I return to Israel in January for my first trip without you.

Miss you my love,

Bonnie S.



6 thoughts

  1. I missed you yesterday, glad to hear about your week, lots of memories wrapped up on these days, with friends and family. I assume Minneapolis means NCTE. Glad you’re going there, a shorter trip before Israel. I also guess you’ll be with Tara. Will watch for you both on twitter! Hugs for Sunday, Bonnie. Sad day seeing all the Paris news.

    • Horrible about Paris again. Danger ahead for us all.
      The conference I focus on is NWP more than NCTE and Tara won’t be coming to that. Thanks for missing my morning post .My gym session ruled.

      • Oh, oops! I’ll still look for you, but in a different place! That should be terrific, too. Glad the gym session was a good one. I’ve gone back to Curves & feel so good about it. Still walking, but that doesn’t cover “all” the muscles!

  2. Busy week, moving forward to this new world. Next week looks to be just as busy with travel to the Midwest. Thinking of you when I don’t see a letter waiting in my inbox.

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