Letters to Tuvia #79 Full House #sol15 (11-17-15)


It’s 5:30 and soon the bathrooms will be humming as three women  get ready to fly to Minneapolis for the National Writing Project’s annual conference. I remember how excited you were when I shared the news that this year Minneapolis would be the conference site.  But as we got closer to making plans, it was clear our usual meet up at the end of the conference would not work.

So many times over the last 20 years I would leave for the start of an exciting adventure- a different city every year, and you would join me as the conference part ended and together we became tourists in San Antonio, Boston, Indianapolis, Chicago,Atlanta, Philly, San Francisco, DC. etc. etc.New cities, familiar cites- a perfect opportunity for me to calm down with and savor a city with and energetic you by my side.

This year with Jackie in your study and Mary downstairs in the family room- an HVWP sleepover, we have the taxi called for 7:30 to take us to the airport,Yes, T we have enough time.  Our flight is called for 9:50.   It’s nice to feel the house shared with sleepers, friends supporting me.

I’m blessed on so many counts to have had the professional excitement and challenge of the Writing Project and you for dessert.

This year we leave together together and returns together.  We mix conference and touring.  Don’t worry T, I’m not alone, but tonight I was not the only one who missed you my love.

Off, on my first trip without YOU.

Love you always,

Bonnie S.

15 thoughts

  1. Enjoy- another first in your life. I am sure it is a bittersweet feeling as you embark on this journey. I am glad you have supportive friends with you.

  2. This is going to be an emotional one for you, Bonnie. A milestone that you don’t want to have. I’m sorry that I won’t be there to hang out with you this year in Minneapolis. Traveling last week left me feeling worse so I know I am doing the right thing by staying home this year.

    I hope you are surrounded by loving colleagues and friends. Enjoy your time away as much as you possibly can.

  3. By now I think you’re already on your way. Hope it’s fun with your friends & who will give the hugs needed. Enjoy the learning too. I imagine so many will love hearing from you, Bonnie. Hugs from me for a good journey.

  4. Another one of many new firsts for you. Glad you will be surrounded by many friends. I am not attending this year so I look forward to reading about the conference from those who will be there. Enjoy.

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