Letters to Tuvia#87 A Thanksgiving Memory (11-24-15)


It’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m relaxed on the living room couch at Jeff’s with a Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving compilation  playing on their ultra-large screen in front of me.  But Jeff has the volume low and I can hear it but not really listen. Instead, I want to share a memory with you right this minute, okay?
I know that this was never  a holiday you felt any connection to but there was one Thanksgiving night that when we set the world on fire  and I’m going to remind you about it right now. Are you ready?

We had been just getting to know each other after our first meet-up at Rena’s Yom Kippur Break-the-fast dinner.  I know you remember that, right?

After I passed David and Pinina’s test of suitability, you were given my phone number and called me immediately. We went out on a first date and that was good for both of us and more dates followed and soon, you got to meet my brother and sister-in-law and we were enjoying the passion of firsts!

Even though I met Ami and Ron, you  weren’t yet ready to formally come along to a Kaplan family event like Thanksgiving, especially when you didn’t really like turkey or get the holiday, so you went your way and I went off to Ellenville for the evening, but as much as I loved being with my clan, I was jumping out of my skin, impatient to have you by my side.

Dinner ended.We were all stuffed and we  took a break for dessert but I was distracted and not really interested in anything beside a cup of coffee.  With all the chutzpah I could muster I called you:

“Hi Tuvia.  How was your Thanksgiving?

“Boring.  I left after dinner, as soon I could escape.”

“Well, (pause)  I have a proposition for you.”

” I’m listening…”

“Would you like to join me for some dessert at my place?”

(No pause)”How long will it take you to get there?”

” (Casually)  1 1/2 hours.”   Actually it would be less, but I wondered if I had to clean up the place before you got there. I still worried then about appearances.

” How about 9:30?”

“Perfect.  Should I bring anything?”

“No, just your smile.(ah, new love)”

” 9:30 and I will bring a nice bottle of champaign.” (very classy)

You actually arrived by 10, probably just waiting in your car, giving me more breathing space, arriving stylishly late.

And the night ahead… filled with intimacy, with deep conversation, spooning, not much sleep.

Our first Thanksgiving together!

The next morning we were up early, sharing a first  coffee and then it was your turn to tour me around your  world.  We brunched at the rt. 4 diner( not there anymore), we stopped at the Barnes and Noble on rt 17 for an early Chanukah gift and  you proudly invited me to your home, showing me around the house where we would be living for the next 20 years.

I am in my memories now, silent to the world around me.  I am with you.

Miss you T,

Bonnie S.

4 thoughts

  1. Each day, when I see that number at the top getting bigger, I wonder how you come up with things to write every day. But you do! Today, and every day, you share a beautiful memory. After 20 years I suppose you have a lot of them. It must be helping (a bit) to know that you have so many things to look back on and treasure. SUCH HAPPINESS!!

  2. It’s a memory to keep always Bonnie. Isn’t it wonderful when we know something is “right”, we step up and take the plunge (like you calling Tuvia)? The best things come from not holding back. Enjoy the day with your family. I’ve made the pies, will travel over to my daughters later this morning.

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