Letters to Tuvia #92 Holiday Season (12-3-15)



Morning T,

I’m up early today, teary but not incapacitated.  I’m still remembering the group of bereaved I sat with on Tuesday morning.  So much sadness and even though I offered my silent support as each person shared their painful stories of loss, all I wanted to do was grab my coat and race out of there.  No, I’m not going back,  but I hope they can find their way out of their misery.

Yesterday, even with more rain, I was good.   Yes teary, but my day was filled with  constructive activities  Up early, I  grabbed up my guitar., always waiting for me, and played into the morning when the light came up. I’m working on such a plaintively beautiful piece-slowly mastering one measure at a time, the very first piece you will never get to know with me.

I was on the phone catching up with Tom as he gets ready to leave for Argentina next week  to see Andrew.  We are meeting today for HVWP business but he just called to hear my voice-SWEET.

I remembered to call James for a “break a leg” cheer of support  as he gets ready for the opening night of his play.  He promised to call this morning to let me know how it went. I could have been there with him but chickened out when I realized how long the drive up be with the possibility of snow hanging over my head.

Yes, I’m still chicken s..when it comes to snow, but rain never hold me back.    I was out in a downpour. Undaunted, I got  to the gym for a good workout on the stair master and Joy met me at noon for lunch at Zinberger’s. For dessert  I was back at the Apple store trying to get my phone to backup.  Problem  still not solved, but  I will be back tomorrow for  Genius support. I still love problem-solving in the world of technology.

A few hours of reading back home and I headed down into town for dinner with Jane at my new go-to spot in Nyack- La Fontana.  It was not a favorite of yours, but the place holds special memories for us.  Twenty years ago you met my Pearl River drama team there when the place was a coffee hangout, remember?  Probably the first time you sat with a group of teens, as you began to get to know the world that made my heart sing.

There’s one thing that I’m glad you’re missing–increased numbers of mass shootings both in the world and here in the US. Just more candidates for bereavement groups.  The Republicans in Congress continue to offer only prayers. Obama’s getting grayer and I’m feeling more and more pessimistic.  It was strange to me that nothing ever seemed to break your optimistic spirit.  Damn T,  I’m missing our ongoing conversations about the future of mankind.

Good thing the sun will return to us today and throughout the weekend.  Ami, Adi and the kids arrive early Saturday morning for Chanukah. I’m exited, but  it will be hard for all of us to celebrate without you. Good thing I found your menorah.

Love you always,

Bonnie S.


6 thoughts

  1. What good people surround you! A call just to hear your voice, thoughtful. Your days have a new rhythm to them. I know it’s the silence where there was conversation that makes the day/night difficult. Hugs to you.

  2. Glad that the storm we sent your way is nearly past you, too, Bonnie. Your day sounds like a nice and busy one. With you having some planning work to do today and the sun coming out, it sounds as if it’ll be another good day. I enjoyed hearing that memory of Tuvia meeting ‘your’ teens so long ago. For those who have never worked with kids, it’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? You both brought new things to each other, didn’t you? Hugs for another good day!

  3. It was so cool to have Tuvia get to know education and teaching through my life and not just his patients who marked the last day of school and kept marking off each day until then. Shout out friend!

  4. If you don’t want to go back to the bereavement group, then don’t. You have to grieve in the way that works best for you. There’s no one way to grieve.

    The shooting of the day and increased terrorism is horrifying. I wish I had Tuvia’s optimistic spirit since things look quite bleak right now.

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