Letters to Tuvia #12: Day 2 Tel Aviv & Of Course it was Good (1-10-16)

Boker Tov Tuv,

I tried composing  last night but jet lag was keeping my head foggy and I am happier writing into the day here and everywhere.   Once again I was sure I slept through the night and once again it was only 2:30AM but wait, Sunday night back home the Golden Globes were just beginning and with  just a tiny bit of patience I could watch in real time, streaming live from LA to Tel Aviv.  Ahhhh… technology!  The Red Carpet, Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue, Denzel getting the DeMille award presented to him by Tom Hanks, heartfelt winners- Leo, Matt, Jennifer, Sly Stallone.  Even through the yawns, I saw it all and still managed a few hours of sleep but I’m working now officially sleep deprived.

So yesterday was the perfect first real day of acclimation.  The early morning routine was comfortable with the kids up to take care of the puppy( just a bit) Ami and Adi, planning the schedule of pick ups and errands, and time for me to move around with a very large coffee mug, write and breathe in the cool morning air.

Ami had a day of paperwork and Adi had her window of opportunity targeted on supporting her mom’s venture into the a pop-up space for the next two weeks.  I was along for the walk along the same paths as my first day with the family and more focused opportunities to spend time in Yaffo’s open air market and shops on ancient streets growing more engaging all the time.

This would have been a day that you and Ami would have been off on an adventure- off to places too risky for me. Maybe even a morning trip to see Shimon and the grass business in Ashdod.  My eyes were filled with stars as we walked and talked as the street shop vendors were just opening their doors to customers.  At Annie’s spot I spied a pair of red boots I wondered if I could leave behind.

As the morning rolled on we lunched with Annie when she was ready for a break at a great spot just around the corner from her pop-up shop that she had rented with a great shoe maker for two weeks.  A cool idea to rent a small shop space for two weeks, fill it with your wares and every two weeks a new business arrives to take the space.  Annie still creates great fashions to hungry customers.  Pieces were flying off her racks.

We walked back to the house with the red boots securely in the bottom of my bag and Mia was already back from school with a friend working together on a school project.  I had a bit of time to nap before Jonathan arrived for phase 2 of Day 1.

As expected he was blown away by the house and happy to meet Ami and Adi and Maggie the puppy and I was happy to spend time with him in Tel Aviv, dining out at Suzanna’s with his parents.  Suzanna’s- so much of our personal history here once Ami and Adi, introduced us to this unique neighborhood.  Still no change in the menu but it was great eating from smorgasbord of Moroccan appetizers and just enjoying good company, sharing life details about you.

We walked back to the house together.  Not many people out on streets but I could return blindfolded if I had too and that felt so good.  So many memories of us on these well-worn streets.  I was flooded, but without tears.  Not what I anticipated.

Jonathan dropped me off planning for our next evening- tonight- riding together to Rehovot for dinner with Ricky and Asher.  Yes, the days and evenings are packed and the weather is perfect.

Good for you to know that I am not sad here in the place you loved with all your heart and soul and gladly shared with me. Iam holding on to you tightly here, T. It could be that this is exactly the right time to be here.

Love you,

Bonnie S.


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