Letters to Tuvia #129 Sunday? (1-17-16)

Evening T,

Sunday dinner is over, the dishes are washed and the kids are winding down after a regular day of school on Sunday, as is the custom here.  Only one day of Shabbat and it’s a Saturday affair so we were up early  and with a  15 minute window I was dressed and  ready to join Adi for her morning walk to drop off Mia and then  a lot more- say another 3 miles to get to her dental check-up.  Just a regular Sunday with the family and that’s just what I’m enjoying- just the regular routine life in this very exotic country.

It was another day for quality time with Adi-a long breakfast after the dentist and an afternoon with Ami back home and when Mihael retuned home from school the pressure was on me to catch up to  him on our collaborative reading of The Lightning Thief.  I can see why he  is so engaged in it but I’m into it too now that I’m out ahead. What fun!

We talked a lot about you today of course and you can feel even better knowing that  our conversations don’t seem to  bring me to tears.  I’m feeling good, really good, T.

Last night, to remember Alan Rickman( who just died at 69 of cancer) and take a great suggestion from my buddy, Kate Foy, I was able to watch the entire movie- “Truly, Deeply, Madly” on my iPhone via YouTube.  The quality was good and the Spanish subtitles did not get in the way.  We’ve seen this movie a few times together but let me refresh your memory:

Alan Rickman’s  Sandy, character is dead, died of something odd at a very young age.  He was a cellist and his wife, a pianist.  She is taking his death very hard. Even though men are taken with her she is polite but distant.  She has moved into a house that is in great need of renovation and there are lots of men around to offer their expertise and their bills.  She is distracted in her mourning and seems comfortable to live in chaos.

One night Sandy returns to her in the flesh.  He is not quite human but not quite dead.  She doesn’t care as long as she can hold him and have him back with her.  Ahhh yes, I can relate!   But of course this thrill lasts so long until she feels the conflict of her present and past at odds.

What a tour de force of acting and story. I can relate to her mourning but then not to the fantasy.  Maybe I’ve moved far enough away to know that the movie fantasy won’t work for me. Actually, it can’t work for her either.  Loved watching it!

I  also discovered a new way of getting to sleep.  Too bad I didn’t try it when you were here.  I can play a podcast on my iPhone and keep just one ear plugged and without the bright screen I can sleep more peacefully, especially when it’s Alex Baldwin’s voice charming me to sleep with an episode of, Here’s the Thing…

And just one more thing:

The photos I selected for today’s letter have been processed with a new app compliments of Sharon Klass called Dreamscope.  A big hit with Mia!

So T, on this Sunday evening in Neve Tzedek, I wish you a good-night.  Ami is right next to me working away on his computer and checking in on his new puppy- a cutie.

Love you,

Bonnie S.


8 thoughts

  1. That new app looks marvelous. At first I thought you were sharing pics from an art museum, then I saw the puppy! You sound again like it was a happy day, Bonnie, a sweet family time there. I’m glad you watched the movie & took what you could see was good from it, and reject the other ones. I often read others’ words, and reflect, saying (to myself), “This is me, and this feels good and helpful” or “This doesn’t fit.” Hugs for the fun times and the serious reflections, too. And, Have fun with The Lightning Thief, great book!

    • Funny, I was concerned about coming , that it would be hard to be here without him. I forgot about family and the familiar. And you came along with me 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. This post makes my heart happy. Your voice is strong and fully present being with the family. You’ve left me smiling tonight. Peace to you Bonnie! 🙂

  3. So glad that you’re having a wonderful visit. I’ve missed some of your posts recently, but love that you’re enveloped in the love of family. The new puppy is darling. I noticed a pic on an earlier post. How fun to be sharing The Lightning Thief with Mihael.

  4. I love the way you closed – a happy, cozy scene of two members of a family enjoying quiet company and going at their work. This trip has been wonderful for you, I can tell.

    • Amazing beyond all expectations.
      Just wondering what it will be like back home.
      It was good to stop obsessing about the house but I’ll have to finish up there when I get back.

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