Letters to Tuvia#144:Sundays are Getting Better(2-7-16)

Morning T,

We are very close now to the New Hampshire primary.  Bernie and Trump continue to be the big surprises in the race, but Hillary is in there fighting with wild Bill close by.   I don’t see myself running away from her like we did 7 years ago when Obama floored us with his race speech.  But I’m in it with her for both of us.

But let me put politics to the side right now and share a bit from Super Bowl Sunday. Ha! Super Bowl Sunday, no I haven’t moved to the dark side- that event had nothing to do with my sweet Sunday.

It was all about good friends and great weather.  Another Sunday  morning walk with Jane at the Piermont pier to kick off the day!  Yes, I was walking in our history, remembering  when I was poised to introduce  the pier walk to you early in our dating lives. Too bad the path was a sheet of ice after a recent snowfall and there was no way we could  move beyond the parking lot. But by early April you were wowed and hooked.   So many walks there, so many deep conversations as we walked along the river. I still can’t remember us there without an ache.  Maybe, when our past is a sweet memory I will I feel  healed, on a path back to joy.  And yes, the present continues to offer something newr-exercise and stimulating conversation!


Later in the day the BCJ movie club met at the mall with  Ian and Paul joining us for  The Revenant in the renovated “screening style” theaters complete with comfort and space. Sadly, while we loved the space, we all hated the movie. Christine actually disappeared somewhere after Leo was mauled twice by a bear and before he made it to the fort,  to take a walk around the mall for some needed relief from the gratuitous violence.  Me, why is that I never nap during the movies that torture me. The only moments I missed are the ones where I covered my eyes.   Yes, Leo was great and yes, he will probably win an Oscar for this performance  but 2 1/2 hours of torture even if the cinematography was gorgeous,  it was just too much to bear. And to think, I love the director,Alejandro González Iñárritu who has been winning awards for this piece.  Hey, no one asked me.  

But there was dinner to come at the Cheesecake Factory and as we  all hugged goodbye-hoping to get home for the half- time Super Bowl show, who should walk by but Marty Geraghty, one of my favorite theater kids from PRHS, hugged goodbye, who should walk  who was glad to see me and catch up.  Grown up and confident, a new speech therapist, he let me know that he’s been reading my blog and thanked me for writing about my loss. You met him a few times with his family. Remember?  See, teaching, like medicine, si a  profession that never stops returning joy.

So it’s another Monday to take on,

Miss you here with me,

Bonnie S.



6 thoughts

  1. A good day, and that ice stays here no matter the above freezing temps. Sorry about the revenant. I don’t mind the violence, but found too predictable. My son read the book and said they left out so much expansion of the characters to show why they were there, etc., a better story. Hm-m, Hollywood is predictable too, I guess. We have lots of sunny weather & warm again, strange winter. Hope your week is full of good home time as well as adventures out.

    • Yes, Ian read the book too and felt that the screenplay was another story. I agreed too, I needed more backstory that could have been done so creatively. We needed to know more about a character who didn’t tell us enough. Yes he was alone and in pain. Screenwriters, write, will you?

  2. For sure I will not see that movie. The previews didn’t excite me and your words sealed that deal shut. Yum to Cheesecake Factory! That’s a rare treat I don’t indulge in but maybe once a year. How fun to see a former student! Yes, teaching does give back.

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