Letters to Tuvia#162Cancun: Not Sure I’d Get Here(2-29-16)



It’s been a very long day, T. I haven’t slept a full night since, I’m not sure.  But for sure I didn’t sleep last night because I was to meet up with my taxi driver by 4:30 AM and you weren’t there to make sure it all happened so I never went to bed.  I did have  the Oscars for a distraction but they didn’t mean too much without you stopping by for updates.

I was ready, nervous, but ready.  It was 4:25 and I started moving my luggage downstairs to the front door.  It was 4:33 and I started calling the guy to find out where he was… no answer.  First freeze… I was outside walking around looking for a car with lights on.


Quickly it was 4:45 and I had called him at least 5 times.  In all of our trips together no one ever stood us up.  NO one was every late. But today, this morning, at 5 am without much sleep it was clear that if I wanted to get to Cancun today I needed to change the plan and I was alone. I called Michael and he was sympathetic but as I started driving out of my complex I knew that I could call Ami.  In Israel he was up and moving through his day and aside from you, who knows Newark Airport like a resident, Ami could be #2.  And just as you might predict he was by my virtual side, checking directions from the GSP, the correct airport terminal and then supporting me as I searched for  long-term airport parking.

Finally  I was parked, I was on the bus to terminal C, I was ticketed even though I was running late after all the mishaps, I was even slowed down at passport check by a guard who gave me a vaginal pat down- sounds worse than it was but everything slowed me down and made me want to pack it in, throw a temper tantrum and just head back to bed.

Nope, I didn’t do that.

I got through the “stuff” and ended up on my 7:50 flight with lots of empty seats- I had my own row and  that’s when I lost it,  when there’s an empty seat next to me, for you ,with views at the window seat.   Oh well. Finally, I slept.

Arriving at the Cancun airport I was through in record time- no lines at passport control and my checked bag was rolling out as I arrived at the carousel and of course, once outside, I found our Olympus transfer and in 15 minutes we were on the way back “home” and I’ve been peaceful and pampered ever since.  Carolina greeted me at the entrance and walked me to the club for check in excitedly sharing all the new updates. Dalel checked me in and  handed over keys to our room… two floors-with the pool spa roof top.  As I think about it that might not have been so good for you.  But wow!  Jane can’t wait to be join me.

I’ve had a mudslide- well half and two glasses of champagne… I’ve had a bit of lunch, I’ve had a walk at the beach, I’ve  unpacked  and  I think I need to try out the whirlpool spa on the roof. Tonight is All White  night, an  outside buffet- with food and music.  You don’t have to wear white but hey, it  sounds like fun, right?

Of course, I’m missing you but I’m hoping I love this place enough to return solo.  But let’s see how the next 3 days work out.

I’m always thinking ahead…

Miss you so much T,

Bonnie S.


PS March Slicing Marathon begins tomorrow. 🙂


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