Letters to Tuvia#163 #SOL16 Day 1: I’m Here!(3-1-16)

Morning T,

March 1st at the beach!  Nothing’s changed- I’m here, the March Marathon Slice of Life begins, winter’s gone and the space leaves your breathless and breathing but yes, there’s one thing that’s changed, changed my whole life, forced me to move away from myself and come back again- recreate myself.

For the first March in 20 years, you aren’t here snoring as I write at 3am.  How I miss that snore… that loud snore of sleep… how I miss the your life as a sleeper even if it was often filled with torment, restlessness, because you always came out of it more refreshed than you went in. But then, in August,  it grew harder for you  to sleep after the fall, and finally, one last hospital imposed sleep allowed you to pass away and as you passed I was abruptly forced to say good-bye to the life that I loved.

And now it’s March 1st and the Slice of Life marathon begins for the 9th time and I’m back in my sandals at Excellence Playa Mujeres on a new journey- finding my way back to me with you, but without you… I’m in that undesirable  place where no one wants to be.. I’m in the place of with those who are left behind…

Table for one?  Yikes.  A table for 10 last night for White Night(just a color theme).  It was  way too big for one and shall me say I didn’t linger over my meal,  but I am happy to be here, excited about my week to come, grateful for the amazing staff who see me as person, not a woman alone, to be pitied.

I can tell lots of amazing stories about the people of Excellence and here’s the latest:

Last night, my waiter, Angel 2, looked familiar right away.  In fact, he has been working here for 6 years and for the last two years, of our trips here, he was our waiter in their excellent French restaurant. We chatted, catching up.  He didn’t remember us as first but then, when I recalled  that our first  meal with him was after a torrential downpour that forced his kids to stay home from school for a  Rain Day.  yes, he remembered us.

Now Angel is working at the Steak House- the only restaurant that we’ve had some bad meals. But now that he’s there he was quick to have me  come back and try out their new menu.” Please, join us!”

But he didn’t stop there.  He called over his manager of the steak house and together they pleaded with  me to join them for a meal that they will have the chef prepare to my particular desires… ahh…I call that VIP service.

Yes, Excellence Playa Mujeres is the place to be to restore me, to me.

Please join us to write and read together here


22 thoughts

  1. You deserve the VIP service, Bonnie. And I’m glad you’re getting it as you are back at Secrets this year. I’m so glad you went. I cannot imagine how hard it is. I think of you daily & hope with each passing day it gets a little easier. The loss of Tuvia was enormous. I admire your quiet strength as you move forward.

  2. You are lovely in the white theme. I am hoping the smile is real and not just for the camera. What an awesome place to be pampered! Looking forward to your postings from paradise this week.

  3. That is one gorgeous picture of you, Bonnie. It seems like the vacation has started beautifully with your re-connect with that waiter. I hope you take them up on the VIP meal, and then describe to make us jealous. Enjoy all the other parts of that wonderful place.

  4. I want you to know that your writing often brings me to tears, Bonnie. But today I am feeling proud of you for taking this trip on your own. You’ve got a strong spirit. I think Tuvia is proud of you for this. Enjoy your time.

  5. Enjoy that special meal. You look gorgeous against the backdrop of White Night. I’m sure you’ll have many happy memories of your times spent there with Tuva. You’re right when you say you’re finding your way back to you with Tuvia, but also without Tuvia. Have a fabulous week as you move forward to recreate you.

  6. My friend, I’m glad to be back slicing with you. It’s been much too long a time. My heart is with you as you walk this new path in a familiar place. You know how I loved your Tuvia and the love the two of you shared. Tonight I’m grateful for Angel 2 and his insistence on giving you some VIP pampering!

    • What a wonderful surprise to see that you’re slicing for year 9 and as I wake up to see this note from you. Tuvia is loving your comment about him! Let’s spend another March together and maybe finally meet up for coffee in the real world.

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