Letters to Tuvia#164: Day 1 at the Beach(3-2-16)

Morning T,

I’m up early, before the sun and after one full day of lounging at the beach, on the roof, on the balcony, in the club, at pool side, I would say that I am no longer sleep deprived and it wasn’t just reclining, I did manage to get in a workout at the gym and some good walks at the ocean and today I’m hoping to get to a 9am exercise class at Olas. I’ve never done that before!

Hmmm…. solo at the beach.  Yes, it was filled with the usual beauty.  The place continues to lift me up.  The staff continues to offer their unique hospitality and I was back with Angel for a wonderful dinner at the Grill complete with a visit from the chef to make sure I loved everything, and I did.  They created a dinner just for me and Angel kept my glass filled with an amazing wine that got the best of me as I walked back to the room weaving…

I spent a lot of the day reading and thinking and most of the day was peaceful.  Of course by late afternoon, as I walked at the ocean I was hit with your absence.  But that comes with the territory.  We found and loved this place together and as much as I still love it, it’s can’t be the same without you.

But there’s help on the way.  As I sat at dinner, Jane, back home,  was joining me on What’s App… and tomorrow afternoon this beach silence will be filled with our friends joining me as we planned it before you left. I couldn’t be here a week by myself so company, just in time for chocolates at the club.

Tonight is wine tasting with Martien… and I’m sure he will remember that  we joined him to taste tequila a few years ago and once again, my path will be unsteady at the end of the day, but hey, I’m not driving.

Love you T.  Miss you in our paradise on earth.

Bonnie S.

It’s Day 2 of our Slice of Life Marathon. You can ready more Slices here.


13 thoughts

  1. I can’t think of a better place for you to be during our first week of Slicing, taking us all with you to the beautiful beach, drinking a little too much wine, and reading the day away. Ah, paradise!

  2. What a day! Lounging, reading, food, and wine all great ingredients. I’m glad you have friends joining you soon. This experience is one that needs to be shared. Love the way the resort pampers. Favorite shot is your feet and the beach in the distance. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures and words. Sounds like you are giving your body and mind just what it needs. Rest, relaxation (food, wine) and a little exercise. Glad you will be joined for the chocolate!

  4. So jealous. You – sun, sand, wine, peace, and calm.
    Me – cold, possible snow on Friday, daily headache. Oh well.
    Enjoy your time, Bonnie. You certainly deserve it.

  5. I’m glad that you’re making the most of this time, and perhaps better alone for a few days, reflecting on the past trips with Tuvia, and missing him, but also enjoying that beautiful place you both loved. It really feels like you’re honoring the memories, Bonnie. I love seeing the pictures, and hearing about all the things you’re doing. Have another nice day!

  6. Your photos are beautiful! What better place for finding peace, relaxing, healing, and honoring memories. Enjoy your trip! I look forward to more pictures and tales from your trip!

  7. Your title made me hesitate. Still fully in winter I wasn’t sure I was ready to see sun and beach pics. Glad to be here. The light and delight in your pics, the lounging, the waiting for friends make me smile. This is the right place for you to be right now.

  8. It sounds like a peaceful time, and that you were right to trust in the hospitality of the staff. I’m glad that Jane and Michael will be with you tomorrow – company for you, just in time.

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