Letters to Tuvia#214: 3 Days, Really?(4-28-16)

Morning T,

Sorry I missed a few days.  Honestly, I didn’t realize… Last night I was up late working on  a new version of our Tell It Digital Promo.  I’m posting it here if anyone who reads along with you would like to give me some gentle feedback.

It’s 5 minutes… Does it hold your attention?  Does it make sense, engage you? Does it make you want to hire us to create a piece for you?



,I know T, you would not be happy if you were sitting next to me, with your picture front a center. Don’t cringe,  your section is short and wonderful…Yes, it still makes me tear up.  How could it not?

And if you’re wondering yes, I’m still riding a rollercoaster in my new life.

Yesterday was a good example…

I was up early, out on my deck with a cup of coffee and huddling in a sweatshirt because late April is chilly but hey,  who cares if the sun’s out.

By 9 was out on the road, taking my car back to Mazda to check the squeal of the brakes back in our neck of the woods and even though I took a different route,  I teared up  as I crossed the state line into New Jersey.  I’m not sure if the squeal is gone but I did go for a fun ride with the technician.

I was back home by 10:30 and when Marie France called  to change our dinner plans  I unprepared when I started constricting, losing my energy, allowing feelings of despair to over take me. NOOOOO!!!!!

But my phone was nearby and I moved into autopilot as I started texting  my go-to list of friends and slowly as I waited for responses, Sharon came through with time for a walk in Kennedy Park. And even though, as I took my old porch chairs down to the garage on the way to the car, wondering how I could even care about our scheduled walk, I kept moving from the garage to my car, to the end of the complex down to hill…still wondering if I could turn engage in this healthy activity…

As I  rode in through the entrance I could see Sharon waiting outside her car. Hard to imagine then as I saw her, but as I got out and walked away from the car and into our walking-in-the-woods rhythm, yes, I was coming back to a good place…amazing!

Movement…motion… good conversation with a friend!

And I was back in my balance… So simple?

IMG_0187 (1)

In  a good sweat, I was headed back home, stopping for dinner food at the bottom of the hill.  Still pumped,  I was back in my space, filling up on a salad, considering the evening ahead for guitar practice to ease my guilt,  catching up the Cruz-Fiorino ticket(really?), to finally  communicating with Chris and loving a video he created instantly with his sweet daughter, just to cheer me up…can’t wait to get to know her!

And finally.…  I was up late, creating… at my best, almost happy!

Creating a new version of Tell It Digital’s promo…

I need to keep moving to happy!!!! 

Man, do I miss you,

Bonnie S.