Letters to Tuvia #234Back on the Streets of NYC (5-25-16)

Evening T,

I can relax now.  I was planning to be up early and on the road to cross the Tee Zee Bridge right after the first phase of early-morning traffic moves across,  but a reprieve… too much going on now at Dover for teachers to breathe and share their reflections with me.  I remember the torture of late May-early June.  So tomorrow is rescheduled for June, week #2 when teachers are breathing and kids are chilling, dreaming of life without school routines.

So I can write now… I’ve been loving this writing at the end of the day, a change in my  writing life.  I seem to breathe deeper and reflect more clearly on the day as it comes to its close.

Yesterday got away from me… I spent the evening with Ami: getting a sneak peek of  his new apartment as the kitchen comes together. You would be so proud of him.  It will be hard, I’m sure for the family to leave it at the end of the summer.

As we strolled over to Precious for Chinese food, a voice called out- “Ms. Kaplan, over here.”  A young hunk, well, dressed, groomed and smooth, grinned as he  walked toward us, leaving his car still running… “Ms. Kaplan, what are you doing in Hoboken?  He didn’t look at all familiar, but I had to know him from one of my classrooms. Probably  Pearl River. He realized I was drawing a blank and helped me. “Nick  Farsetta.

“Nick, wow, a big change from your days with me.”

“Yes.  I was stunned and Ami made sure to keep the conversation moving by introducing himself.  Honestly, I was just about to introduce him. Nick was so happy to be sharing his updates with me. Ami too, sharing with him conversions about their work in real estate and revocation.  It was mutual between us, both relishing the moment of reconnection.  This is what teachers live for- when they get a sweet thanks when they see a young, goofy kid grow up and into a man bursting with life and hope. Nick… so glad you stopped us on Washington in Hoboken.

After a walk to Precious for a Chinese dinner and then back to the old apartment,   Ami, even after a long day, took a moment to focus his energy for the interview I’ve been pushing for- his story of you to interpose with the interviews I have of you. This is what he shared with our friends at your funeral. He was tried but he did it for me, for you, for the video I now have to get to.

Soon he will be back for the summer with kids, the dog, Maggie and Adi. Hopefully the new house will be ready for them.  I will be.

Today was a morning with sunshine and summer warmth and my porch was ready for me to sip that early morning coffee.  My coffee tastes so much better outside on the new couch.

A play in the city with Lynn….Eclipsed. It was good.  hard to follow with thick African accents. I think it would have been tough for you to follow, but the five black women actors were wonderful. Act 1 dragged but  not Act 2  So… I think that act 1 needed to be shorter, probably linked to Act 1 with no intermission.  Just a thought…

But  something very unusual happened as the actors came out for their bows one in the center, carried a sheet of paper with her and as the applause died down shaking with emotion she read from a  sheet that might be used for each performance as each one is dedicated to young  African women- who have been taken.. She read two names and we repeated them.  The mission of this play was made even more powerful and essential from her ritual that we shared as we all came out of the play reality and into the real life that mirrors it.

It was great to be with Lynn for a day of catching up face-to-face, sharing our lives- two women, members of a club we would gladly give up our membership, if only you and her Barry could come back to us.

I listen carefully to Lynn- where she is now in her life, what she notices about me in these letters… She carries experience I trust and friendship that I’m grateful for.

So T, that’s two day for the price of one… I’m ready to shut everything down, turn off the new lights and try to sleep… Sound good?

Night Tuv R,

Bonnie S>

5 thoughts

  1. Lots of good things shared in this letter, Bonnie, the student, interview, play, and talk with your friend. Counting your blessings! Have another wonderful day!

  2. Such busy days! Lucky you were given a reprieve so you could catch your breath. After the last play was a disappointment, it’s great to attend one that you enjoyed.

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