Letters to Tuvia#229: Where have I been?(5- 19-16)

Evening T,

I can’t believe that I’ve missed a few days of letters,  but then I have been out and driving, dining, working and trying to keep up with exercise and guitar.  You know, it felt good to be exhausted from activity.

Yesterday was matinee Wednesday in NYC with James, celebrating my birthday early,  Blackbird  with movie stars, a great diretor and we still came up unsatisfied, ripped off. We seem to have great lunchs anticipating the pleasrure of a great play and then  great coffee after it’s over, making sense of why we are left so unsatisfied.  You know, I don’t think we’d know what to do with a great play.  You would have hated this last one. All of us would be shaking our heads.

And if that wasn’t enough, 8th avenue was closed to traffic and it took me two hours to make my way to Hoboken through the Lincoln tunnel to meet up with Ami for dinner and of course, as you might expect, it was worth it. We sat is lots of traffic trying to get to Hoboken but I think this ride was the worst, but I could never regret time with Ami.  He’s the closest human I have to you!

And the day wasn’t yet over. I was back working on our Tell it Digital promo… working, breaking, publishing, revising.. and now, finally I think it’s done … Feels good.

Today  I was up in New Paltz,  for the HVWP,  planning for future PD work… and then off to our first  serious meet up for Tell It Digital with a good friend of Tom’s. I felt like I was chatting with a new friend.  She seems very excited about our work and she proved to be a treasure chest of connections and opporutnities… WOW.Christine is psyched, Even with all the pressures on her she’s intent on  keeping  on top of this new project- working on the promotion side.  Seems like our partnership was one made it heaven.

So T, I think it’s spring, finally and I’m  hoping  that I get to really break in my new porch furniture.  Wish you could be here to join me.

So here’s my newest digital piece… You are right in the middle of it all…


Bonnie S.