Letters to Tuvia#268 A Very Big July (7-16-16)

Morning T,

Crazy times, T. It feels like the world is burning: more terror in France, a possible coup in Turkey, the Donald tweets out his VP pick… and  just as I was starting to feel empowered, returning to the hectic life of good work with the HVWP.  I need our ongoing life conversation…

Here’s a bit of my world:

A full day beginning with deja vu- finding my way to  the Black Rock forest education center: just the right turn off 9w and up the narrow moutain road , driving close to the edge. Yikes! I remembered this ride from last year’s visit but I  got there  in time to  join Dawn and Rob,a great HVWP duo and their very engaged young writers who were happy to share their week-long adventures in nature with me and  finally,  their celebratory reading.



And as I got back in my car to race to Storm King to catch another group finishing their week in another writing camp, I remembered that as I left Black Rock last year I was on the phone with you, estimating my travel time home and distracted, turning left instead of right, heading up the mountain and not back down,  But good thing a trusty ranger stopped me before I got to the top and actually turned my car around in the tight space.  No distractions this time. remembering and gently turning right with care.

It would have been  a great day if I had been able to return home on that high  but I was commitmented to more and you weren’t home waiting for me.   Eric and Ann and the Storm King staff had another group of young writers finishing their week with a celebration bash and sadly, I just didn’t have the same leisure to capture everything.  Yes, I did enjoy the celebratory reading but my window for interviewing seemed impossible and I was distracted.  My good buddy John from Pearl River, now a dad of an impressive young writer, held my attention and we tried catching up in the mintues before and after the reading. Wow did I realize that I’ve been missing him, remembering how much I enjoyed our time riding up and back to New Paltz when he joined the HVWP summer institute. It was wonderful to be there with him, with our teachers, with parents and young writers and it was Storm King.

With traffic building on the opposite side of the road, this time I was home in record time with time to chill before my dinner out with Bonnie C. at Lafontana, Yes I know that’s not one of your faves but I’ve come to love it,  often with Michael and Jane. But as I turned on the TV there was news of the coup and with a knee jerk text to Ami, and his response- WHAT???? He was racing home for more details and I was wishing we were sharing the moment of hstory happening together.


Love you, Miss you,

Bonnie S.

Lunch today with my dad 🙂

8 thoughts

  1. I love these lines: “No distractions this time. remembering and gently turning right with care.” It’s the care we now tale with our lives that seems important here. How particular we are and how necessary such care and precision are.

    • Yes… I think this new “care” comes from the loss of that man who has your back. I know that I take care on stairs in a way I never did before. Tuvia was there always supporting me. I was there supporting me. It’s frightening at first to walk out there on your own. I’m getting used to taking care of myself in my revised life that I fought against for months. No more fighting. Now I’m trying to make the more of this life for the time I have, just the way Tuvia was forced to do when his wife died. That’s the healing process I suppose.
      You picked probably the most important sentience in that lesson MaryAnn. Thanks 🙂

  2. Love the glimpses of the young writers! I wish I’d been nurtured like that in my early life. Constantly on the move, but always your mind is filled with thoughts of Tuvia. These thoughts seem to keep you moving forward.

    • Yes I too wish that I had the experience as a young writer with the HVWP. Oh well… at least I have it as an adult. Tuvia keeps me moving now that I’m not fighting it, accepting that he’s not coming back to me in my present life. I have to revise myself… right?

  3. What “another” week it has been, and I too miss having someone to talk it over with, although my daughter helps a lot, also likes the time to process. You are adding much to those young lives by helping them celebrate their writing, Bonnie, although it means some scary turns in the travel. It’s nice that you have Tuvia in your thoughts as you navigate those roads.

    • I have been very lucky to be surrounded by great teachers. I’m happy to come and document and celebrate their work. What a family I am connected to although I don’t think I’ll be back at Black Rock..shhhh don’t tell.

    • Now the heavy work kicks in- preparing for a week of PD using K Bomer as our mentor/ inspiration. Thanks for your recommendation. How’s Livy and fam????

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