Letters to Tuvia Y2#14: Up Late with You (9-30-16)


Morning T,

I’m exhausted this morning but feeling good, connected to you because last night I clicked into my video archives and worked on an episode of your life that we recorded years ago, on our first trip to Cancun.

In the afternoon I moved back and forth in our past and worked carefully to sync your video and audio, fixing the effects of moving the original digital tapes to my final cut software.  Tricky, time consuming, frustrating, simple finally and then success without support from anyone else- just the way I like it!

So your voice, your story, your power, your immediacy, your courage!

You were back with me last night… so happy to have you and as I clicked on the button to create the video of 44 minutes in its first draft and watching the minutes tick away as it compressed magically for a You Tube version I was back at our kitchen table, finishing a piece there at 12:30, at 1… Suddenly you were standing in front of me, eyes adjusting to the bright light, “Are you finishing, coming to bed yet?”  Yes, I could say in that last step of the process… Yes, I’m coming to join you.

Last night, no I was not at our kitchen table and no you were not standing in front of me urging me to join you in bed, but you were right there, alive and flourishing.  As you finished  that 44 minutes in Cancun, we took a break to walk on that beach, to grab some lunch, to enjoy a siesta together.

Our first of many beach vacations in Mexico.  How our life together found its unique rhythm. How lucky we were together.  How lucky I was to have you find comfort in my challenges.  How lucky- 20 years.

Your birthday is coming on Monday…shhhh… I didn’t tell too many people.

Miss you, my hero. A powerful piece of your courageous life is now on You Tube for others to watch and digest.

Bonnie S.