Letters to Tuvia Y2#7: Made it through LD#2 (9-6-16)

Morning T,

It’s Tuesday and I’m up and on the couch and remembering when I was out in the world, beginning a new school year.  I’m remembering our rushed breakfasts on the first day of school, sometimes here, over the Hudson, sometimes in Paramus… leaving you for a new school year filled with school nerves.. You never understood the onset of nerves after my years of experience. It never seemed logical to you, but that summer vacation, so critical for renewal offered a total break before a rebirth- the arrival of new kids- a new class of 8th graders. A new schedule, familiar class subjects, sometimes new subjects to teach.

I LOVED the newness.  I loved entering the building as clean and fresh as it would be until Back-to-School Night and then never again until next September.   My room,familiar but freshened.  I loved the energy around me… it kept me pumped me up and ultimately it was good for you too- a world you viewed from my vantage point to balance the burned out patients you knew who marked their calendars on their first day back with freedom coming on the the last day.  Sad for them and their kids, don’t you think?

But I’m here on my couch today relieved that the slow pace of my Labor Day Weekend is over.  Last year I spent my first  Labor Day without you in a deep freeze, just days  after the funeral when I was still sleeping in your Lazy boy chair. I actually don’t remember anything about that day, but yesterday, I spent the day at a double feature at the mall.  Two forgettable movies the latest Meryl Streep film is not the way you would want to see her.  It wasn’t very good so I would have been hurriedly searching for an alternative. The other one, Southside with You- the fist date for O and Michelle.  Why bother with fiction, when we have the real thing!  I think the Obama boy was pretty good but I’m don’t think you’d approve of anyone pretending to be Michelle.

I was calm in our temple of flicks, leaving with a smile.  I had enough time time to ride just across the road to Shoprite, grab a wagon and grab a few essentials.  Just as I was about to check out, I noticed a message on my Facebook app. A woman had my wallet. It dropped out of my bag. I know, I should have been more careful, but she and her husband met me outside ShopRite with everything intact.  They didn’t want to leave it with custom service, worried that it would not be protected.  I did try to offer them money.  They refused, suggesting that instead, I do something nice of someone else today.  Hmm, of course I will. That’s why we can smile, right?  Good people exist in our world, like the young girl who kept you alive when you were ready to give up on your walk home from the camp- leaving you clothes and water and bread in the middle of that corn field before you made it home. I won’t forget your story, you can be sure of that.


Here’s something great about Labor Day, Facebook  brought me this wonderful picture of us.  We were visiting my Aunt Sally and Elaine in Toronto, and visiting my uncle Ralph in the hospital for the last time. We ere walking through a park and Elaine snapped this shot.  We were just  walking, enjoying, offering them our support and company. Just one lovely frozen moment of 20 years of these moments…

Here’s another one with Scott and Tara and their good friends…We were blessed.  I was blessed.


Always grateful for you T.

Bonnie S.


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11 thoughts

  1. I think there are many good people in the world, am glad to hear about those who found and returned your wallet, Bonnie! And happy to hear you had a nice weekend. I’ve heard the Streep movie is not good- wonder why? Love your sharing the pics, always such smiles!

  2. Wow! I don’t know that I would know how to contact someone with Face Book. How lucky you were to get that message! Joyful pictures, how wonderful to have them.

  3. Wonderful kindness from others. My heart did a flip when your wrote losing your wallet. These stories encourage me to go the extra mile.
    Your picture of T and you, delightful! Smiles to your heart. School year has begun for me. This is our 3rd full week. The newness is still lingering.

  4. Just goes to show that there is lots of kindness in the world and not just the tragedy and hatred that makes the evening news. Glad you got you wallet back and I am sure you have already paid the kindness ahead several times.

  5. Enjoyed seeing the pic earlier today on FB. It’s such a joyful one. And your story of the lost wallet? Another happy thing to celebrate. The newness and the energy were fun, but I love popping in and out of my old building – a weekly book club meeting, seeing teaching friends in the halls. Happy to be retired, but glad I have a way to stay connected with my teaching friends.

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