Letters to Tuva Y2#29 Everything Can Make You Stronger(11-13-16)

Morning T,

It’s Sunday over the Hudson, cool out there now, but forecasts show that it could heat up to 60 and the warmth of sun will buoy me up.  It’s been a hard week adjusting to the future- Trumpland coming our way, while Hillary fades from our daily viewing.

I moved through Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the freezer, a new form of mourning.

“I’m not giving up and neither should you.” Kate McKinnon

You and I shared a passion for politics.  We shared the victories and defeats as Democrats and here’s a first for me: the Donald, 45th President of the USA!  So far I’m handling it. My brother Jeff had me on suicide watch this weekend offering unlimited quantities of vodka on the rocks.  No, not really.  I was just numb for most of my week.

I was constructive- Christine and I worked on getting Tell It Digital Out there with a spiffy new ad on Facebook- waiting for some good responses. A few days with family and babes, a ride up the Thruway later for lunch with my dad and Martin, planning for Atlanta later in the week, guitar, supporting Grace at Cornwall, some digital work, exercise, Hebrew conversations with Rivka, time with Tara and Scott, conversations with James.

Movement and motion and mind workouts  remain the keys to my balance and a great Saturday Night Live show last night.

God, I miss you, T.

Bonnie S.