Letters To Tuvia Y2#27: Mourning Again (11-9-16)

Morning T,

I’m wondering now, at 4:15 AM, what you would be thinking.  I’m remembering when we were sure that John Kerry would defeat George Bush  and instead, as it became clear that the exit polls were wrong,  I took to the couch and you left me for sleep.  We dealt with our disappointment as individuals at first.  It was a sad night for two passionate dems and like the more dramatic Gore defeat, somehow we found a way to patiently wait for the light and Barack Obama.

Before we met we survived two terms of Richard Nixon, two of Ronald Reagan, one term for Ford and another for Papa Bush… Somehow before you and with you we found a way to accept political disappointment and tolerate  them until our time in the sun arrived with Bill and Barack.

It’s ironic that on my way home from dinner out with Michael and Jane, listening to NPR with Brian Leher, his guest pollster, from Politico, called Florida unofficially for Hillary.  So, then that’s the ball game for Trump, right?  Not so fast.  Wrong actually. Florida was not decided so quickly and like so many other states, they fell into the Trump column.

So after a very long night of disappointment,  I am in a deep state of shock and mourning.. Instead of our first woman president we have Trump.  Yes, that’s Donald J..  As much as I worried about Tricky and the Bushes and what they might do to alter the work of presidents I respected,  I would welcome any of them now, because we are in danger of losing Rowe v Wade, your cherished ObamaCare, hope for real immigration, work on climate change, our relationships in the world… more…. and  more and so much more  I can’t even imagine.  Good thing that we still have enough Senators with Chuck Schumer at the helm to fend off a total destruction of Barack’s legacy but there will be a bizarre cabinet, supreme court judges and Melania as first lady, succeeding Michelle.

I am mourning hope!  I am mourning images of Hillary and Bill back in the White House.  BUT,if I made it through a year without you, I think I can find a way to step away from the political world that I have come to love.  No, I won’t be apathetic but I do need to find my way in this foreign land heading our way.  Of course I could pack up and move to Canada or Israel, but nowhere is safe from the unqualified Donald Trump, President of the USA. Ugh that’s tough to write. .

I was so hoping that I’d been celebrating with my book buds at lunch and Tara at dinner.  Oh well, we were need each other to talk through our shared mourning.

We’ll miss you, Hill and Bill.

Bonnie S.

6 thoughts

  1. Bonnie, it seems to me that the only people I have been able to freely talk to today are the ones who have moved on from this planet. Your words to Tuvia helped me to carve my place in this mess. Thank you for that. Today, I will go to work and do the job I love. I will walk with the children in my classroom and school, and protect them from images of women as objects and property to be taken and used. I will promise to see more fully my children of color. I will promise to offer young boys and girls knowledge of role models who don’t use name calling and bullying to get their way. Our jobs are more important than ever. It’s time to get to work.

  2. I’m with you, fearful of what our country will become. What a disheartening night! I am so disappointed in the American public who allowed this horrible being to be elected.

  3. I know only that we all must keep trying to make things work for everyone despite what Trump has promised. I am disappointed that so few stood up for Hillary. The people who voted for Trump obviously are hurting, and want someone to blame. Trump gave them plenty to blame, so they voted for him. (Trying to make sense of what seems senseless!)

  4. >>I do need to find my way in this foreign land heading our way. <<
    My exact thoughts. I spent most of my day with small children at an inner city elementary school yesterday. It helped to ground me and to make me realize I have to find a way THROUGH this.

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