Letters to Tuvia#32: Happy Thanksgiving to You (11-27-16)

Morning T,

Welcome to a quiet Sunday!

After action-packed days since last Wednesday I’m embracing a slow day to wash clothes, fill the refrigerator, write, get to a movie that I slept through yesterday on my movie date with Leora, and exercise.  Should be cold out there but I will welcome some winter weather after the warm of family and friends and very good food.

It’s been such a full holiday season, beyond my expectations and without the torment of last year.  YES, I missed you! YES, I would have given anything to have you with me, but there is acceptance in this second year that this chapter of my life without you as strange as it will always feel, is a reality.

On the way home from Jeff’s I pulled into the stop and park just before the entrance to highway 17 and created a new playlist on my brand new iPhone 7+.  No surprise there, right?  I clicked through my music and built a playlist labelled FUN! Of course there’s Christmas music represented but it’s filled with new music, some romantic, but a great mix.  For months I couldn’t listen to any music without dismantling and initially I embraced the misery but it’s official now- I’ve taken back music for the pleasure of it. I don’t see myself attending a concert at Lincoln Center yet, without you, but for now this is a small victory, right?  Music back in the car, competing with my Hebrew tapes.

It was good to be with the Kaplan infants, the 2-year olds, their parents, us. Just gorgeous chaos for 48 hours. Marla worked hard to make the days feel relaxed and luxurious filled with rooms of stuff and visitors. Another wonderful family celebration!

It was good to get home on Friday and join Sharon as we met up with our shared school past- meeting up with some of our grown up students at the Saloon in Pearl River.  So many unfamiliar faces, it was good to have Chris nearby to offer names to find the faces from the past. Beyond expectations!  Thanks yous, unnecessary apologies, hugs for you… even though Sharon and I didn’t get to reflect for long as we left this group of kids that we loved, it was so good to show up and share a few hours with the joy of teaching that never stops giving back.  How lucky I am to be a teacher!

And still after a few days in Ellenville, an evening back in Pearl River… there’s still more…brunch in Fort Lee back at a new version of the Red Oak Diner- remember?  New name, everything else is the same!  A meet up with Ron and Leora and then a movie with Leroa.  Honestly, I slept through most of it and I bought another one here to see it again.  What I saw, I loved… I think you would have too. Leora was totally engaged- a good sign.

And then after a deep movie sleep, I was back home changing and heading over for another feast at Jane and Michael’s.  Yes, wonderful!  Wonderful!

Back home…back home… first load of washed clothes ready for the dryer, grocery list filled, movie ticket stub in my email box, life continues and I’m in it, walking taller, stronger…  I’m sure you worried about me without you.  Don’t worry, T.  I’m.. I’m… good.

Miss you always,

Bonnie S.

4 thoughts

  1. It’s been such a busy week I don’t know if I missed another post, but it’s been a while since I read what you’ve been up to. Wow! Sounds very busy, and fun. Our weather is changing, getting colder, but snow only in the mountains. Happy that you enjoyed all the family and friends this holiday, Bonnie. Have a good week ahead!

  2. Sounds just like I was suspecting–you are doing very well. The fewer posts seem to imply this, that you are out there living, rather than writing. Good for you!

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