Letters to Tuvia Y2 #34: Peace? #sol16(11-29-16)

Morning T,

I’ve just walked through my apartment, – the pleasure of starting my day.  Bed’s made, soft lights turned on in the darkness, coffee beans ground in a new grinder and now perking, morning news is on low, very low- the best time of the day and in no rush to leave with plenty of time to compose a slice. It’s  Tuesday and lots of Slicers are out there composing and posting, reading and commenting and I’m in the process, in this powerful community of writers.

It’s funny, in my own world, in this peaceful space I am healing, breathing and feeling you with me.  I am at peace but in outside in the world, just steps away, Donald Trump is preparing to take the reins of power for Barack Obama. I am  worried that we are in danger   As I increase the volume on CNN, there’s news of Trump’s call to punish recent flag burning with jail, a loss of citizenship. He continues to rant in tweets with lies, that he own victory was ringed. Some news outlets call him on it, many don’t. Now newscasters talk about his conflict of interests around the world.  Who cares?  Will it ever stick to the teflon Don?

Last night I had dinner with friends, good progressives, together we ate hearty boss of chicken soup and drank from a bottle of  beaujolais nouveau 2016 and we shook our heads. How do we begin a term of Trump with any hope or optimism as he continues to build he team of beasts preparing to enter our garden of democracy.

How do we get through the next 4 years in one piece?  WIll I be able to walk my apartment each morning feel peaceful?   How would you be able to sit across from me each morning, reading the NY Times, shaking your head…feeling optimistic?

Breaking News:  Just got this article written by  Barbara Kingsolver 🙂
Bonnie S.


10 thoughts

  1. Bonnie,
    You paint a beautiful picture of your morning routine. And you make me wonder, why is he “Teflon”? Is it something in him or something in the collective need? I am fearful as well… trying to figure the whole thing out.

  2. Tuvia’s rapt newspaper pose resonates. It’s a good day to support good journalism and, in that light, thanks for passing along Kingsolver’s piece in the Guardian.

  3. We can, for the most part, control the peace within our home. Stepping outside is when chaos tends to hit. There is a song at the end of the show Avenue Q called “For Now”. This will be my mantra for the next four years and I hope it is enough to get me through.

  4. I’ve read the Kingsolver article, and enjoyed it, made me feel good that so many are feeling as we all are. I won’t stop reading and fighting for what we all know is right, but there isn’t’ much peace to consider in that for the next years. I like hearing about you rising and moving around, getting ready for the day,, Bonnie!

  5. Trump winning and his choice for his team are puzzling and make people worried beyond your country’s borders. Your opening paragraph was so peaceful. I smiled. Wishing you more peaceful mornings. Lets hope that four years will pass so fast that Trump can’t cause much damage.

  6. Peace in your routines – good to hear. I just don’t watch the news anymore – I give time and money to causes, but I can’t wrap my head around the idea of going from the dignified grace of President Obama to this lout. Ugh.

  7. The bottom drops out of my stomach every time I think of the election. Very few progressive thinkers live in my neighborhood. We, my husband and I, are an island. Thanks for the Kingsolver article! The next four years loom long. 😦

  8. Your slice reminds me of how I peacefully go about my days when I am suddenly reminded of our political climate and I begin to feel anxious. Your slice is a good reminder to stick with our routines, seek out peace and know that one day at a time we will work through these troubling times.

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