#Letters to Tuvia Y2#40:Movies & More …(12-18-16)

Evening T,

Lights glowing, dryer humming,  Madam Secretary just  started almost an hour later than scheduled.  Yup, football still holds us up.

Today I was supposed to travel up to Ellenville for lunch with my dad but it would have been a tough trip up and back without you riding shotgun.  No, it would have been tough even if you were by my side,  but without your nudging, I could respect my dad’s wishes and stay home, only to leave in the early afternoon for a double feature matinée at the mall and  I stayed awake for both and scored with two very interesting films, both up for awards in 2017. I’m behind in my movie going, not exactly sure why.  Just part of life under reconstruction.

Here’s a bit about this double header:

  1. La La Land staring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is a modern style romantic musical.    Two young, good looking passionate creative artists.  He’s a serious jazz pianist/composer with dreams of owning and running his own club.  She’s an actress who frustrated by the subjective audition process, writes her own one-woman show  Two very passionate people who support and push each other.  Hmm… sounds a lot like us.      Ryan Gosling sang, danced and learned to play piano for this role.  Emma Stone  was really good.  They have convincing chemistry and the dancing and singing never felt artificial. A well crafted movie.  Yes, I will see it again. Maybe with Leora on Christmas day.  I’m wondering if she would agree with my review.  Loved the ending.

2. Loving   You might have been more engaged in this one- a true story about first mixed racial couple with a case that made it to the supreme court and proved to be ground-breaking.  The Lovings- a black woman and white man in Virginia in the late 50’s who can’t live in the shadows. He doesn’t say much but the bond between them is so strong that words aren’t necessary.  We see that love but call me crazy, I needed to know more about their lives.  I needed more words but I was so glad to see their performances.   Their winning case was  a big success for the ACLU.  Got my card in the mail on Friday!!!! That’s another issue that will be ongoing for the next 4 years.

Two movies on a crappy Sunday afternoon and even without you there, I was good, peaceful.

Now for some updates:

On Saturday night I rode into the city for an early celebration for Jeff’s 65th at Sammy’s Romanian. I was close to giving up even before I got there when my GPS that I’ve become so dependent on, wasn’t cooperating.  Just driving around Village streets in the darkness, in the rain, blinded by lights, spooked by impatient NYC drivers, cops and ambulances everywhere.  I didn’t see an end to it, until Marla responded to my SOS and soon I was close enough to follow her calm directions just a few blocks down from the place to the parking garage.

Inside it was wild.   If you had been along, given the loud live music, you might have slipped out for a walk in the streets.  For me, it was fun once I caught up a bit. I  loved being with the family, eating old fashioned Jewish-style foods, once foods and just watching because it was way too loud for conversation.

Ami and I had  dinner on Thursday night at our Bone Fish and as you might expect, the staff that we got to know welcomed me with open arms.  So good to be home and spend a few hours catching up with Ami face-t0-face.  We continue because there was you/us.  Leora is great, blossoming.  Ron is happy and  on Tuesday morning  Adi and the kids will be arriving at the airport for the holidays.  No, I won’t be there, but Ami will. My calendar is open for family dinners and Chanukah celebrations. I have a bag filled with Chanukah gifts for the kids that I think they might enjoy.  Yes, our families continue to embrace me just what you would have wanted it.

Every Monday I continue with my guitar lessons.  I practice more, I sound better.  Every Thursday I speak Hebrew for an hour with Rivka and I’m feeling more comfortable in this process. I’m getting closer to my goal.  Just to sit at the dining room table in Hoboken and understand as the conversation moves from English to Hebrew and back again without leaving me behind. And hey wouldn’t it be great to jump into a cab in Tel Aviv and chat with the driver in Hebrew and not get ripped off for being a dumb tourist.

The events are all good- My book club was here on Friday night.  Bonnie and Julia enjoyed my cozy environment with my good food. A great night!   Dinner out with Jane and Michael at the Italian restaurant across from Balley’s Smokehouse.  We often joined Hilda and Norman there  on Tuesday nights. It was good to be back without tearing up.

My 2017 challenge:  Filling my blocks of silence with constructive, productive projects and activities!! Its the true challenge of this reconstructive life without you.

As you can see, I’m mostly good:  walking taller with eyes wide open and we head toward the dreaded New Year’s Eve, I have 3 great invitations to choose from!

Love you Always,

Bonnie S.


10 thoughts

  1. Double feature movie and you stayed awake for both! That’s a testament to the movies for sure! 🙂
    The reconstruction continues to build new ways of living. You have such a strong core of friends who are at the ready for you. That’s a gift. Enjoy these days with friends and family. We are leaving Thursday to head west to be with family for a few days.

  2. Bonnie, you continue to be an inspiration to all. Your plate just seems to be getting fuller and fuller. How wonderful. I am sure Tuvia is smiling down as he helps heap your plate. Wishing you the best of the holiday season. Happy Chanukah .

  3. Your energy and confidence in this life under reconstruction could easily be my own story. I’ve followed you through loss….and I will follow your through reconstruction and rebuilding and renewing

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