Letters to Tuvia Y2:#Marching(1-23-17)#sol17


Morning Tuv,

Outside there’s a thin layer of untouched snow and ice.  No sounds of metal scrapping pavement but that’s okay, my car is clean and warm in its garage, free from any responsibility to get me anywhere this morning.   Inside my candles glow, Robert Gates is on with Matt Lauer trying hard to create a  spin of sanity from our insane new president, and I’m waiting for a distraction- the list of 2017 Oscar nominations.

But  I’m still glowing from our march on Saturday now that my body has healed from the ache of every bone.  Originally Tara and I were going to travel by train leaving very early in morning but when  Scott joined us, 9am felt perfect and without much traffic, we blew into the City, parked at a garage and strolled down quiet streets with time to stop for coffee #2 before our scheduled march time.  It would be hours before we would be sitting again.

As we sat together, sipping and chatting together we watched  growing numbers  of people carrying signs and many wearing something pink- our people!  But still we didn’t feel pressured to leave before our coffee arrived.  We had plenty of time to meet up with our group and get to our assigned march spot.

Once back outside, we were motion.  It’s hard not be in NYC. It’s not a city I could  live in  but to be close by has always been a gift since I moved from the Catskills.  Just a few blocks ahead we could see large crowds  and by the time we got close to our meeting spot we were enveloped, soon unable to move without a plan.  It was easier to walk down 47th from 2nd to 1st with the FDR drive behind us and a Trump tower just across the street- not our final destination, unfortunately. It took us hours to crawl back up the street and start really marching to our destination. We never got to that final spot because we were part of something beyond anyone’s expectations. Finally there’s energy and mobilization behind anti Trump movement.  It feels so good not feel we are alone in this struggle to preserve our democracy.

I am ready to keep marching… what about you?

As much as I would have loved to have you marching with me I know that it would have been possible and as miserable as I am about Trump’s win, you would have been devastated to our core. So my love, I march for both of us, always.


Bonnie S.

12 thoughts

  1. If only this message of the people would be understood by the person in power. Sadly, he only thinks of himself, no matter what he says. His actions carry his true message. What a glorious feeling to be part of a movement!

  2. I’m glad you posted about the next time. I’ll check about Denver too! Amazing gatherings everywhere. It made me very proud.

  3. It was a great day…the first of many marches, I fear, for the orange man will be tough to dislodge. I have taken to one political act every day – one phone call/email. It’s not much, but it makes me feel better.

  4. Like you thought about T during the march, I too thought about Rob. He would have been all over this march. It felt good to do something civic, to connect with so many others and march on Saturday. A good day. Love the images you captured.

  5. Glad you marched, Bonnie. And how nice that you got to march with Tara! I had a lot of ambivalence about the march, but I’m glad it happened, glad it was the largest in our history, glad my mother and sister were marching in DC … but also glad I didn’t march. We have a long fight ahead of us. I’m glad there are so many energized to take it up and keep it going! ❤

  6. I wanted to march, but couldn’t. My body still feels broken post-childbirth. That said, I will look forward to using my voice, calling my legislators, and eventually marching when I’m able.

    Thanks for being out there, Bonnie!

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