Letters to Tuvia Y2:Last Day In Israel (for now) (2-27-17) #sol17


Morning T and Slicers,

It’s my  last morning in Tel Aviv and I feel that usual, predictable tension- ready to be  sad to be leaving and ready to be home and that’s the way it should be.  Two weeks of a change of scenery, of daily routines, of sounds and sights, in the bosom of family and friends. We never spent two weeks time here, oh maybe when Mihael was born but for you 10 days was the most I could negotiate for and our  rhythm  here was  so different.  We moved together here, as we did everywhere at breakneck speed, filling most days with the beach, family and friends- just being here in this very special homeland for you and for me.

What made this time away special and healing once again?

1. It’s a year later  and I feel your presence everywhere without emotionally dismantling, just feeling tender with flashes of memory unexpected and often It  feels so right that I can  both luxuriate in our past and still embrace a sadness that there’s no future for us but that’s how the process works- another human tension that’s so necessary in this process of moving forward.

2. Here and home I love the start of the day.  Even in an international city like Tel Aviv, the birds wake us each morning and continue to sing throughout the day.  In this neighborhood with its narrow streets of the past still maintained there’s conversations in the streets and dogs barking…Maggie for one, but few cars even want to travel here in this maze.  Adi and Ami are up early, to walk Maggie and prepare lunches from Mia and Mihael and get them out of bed and off to their schools.

3.  Here I move slowly. Walking at the beach, moving with Ami and Adi through their routines, meeting with family and friends for meals- Ricky and Asher, Rivka,  Susan, Edna, and today, David and Varda.  You have left me the riches of friends and a familiar place to enjoy them and yes, I was able to spend precious time with my family- Rick, Earis, Maya, Mulick, Dani and Leah and the kids and even reconnect with Earis’s family in Ariel.

4. Here, in Neve Tzedek I am not a tourist.  From here to the port of Tel Aviv I am not a tourist.  Here, even with my bit of Hebrew, I am not a tourist.

5. Here, I couldn’t stay too far away from more attacks against our democracy from the Trump forces but the TV isn’t on 24/7 actually there’s no TV on the main level.  I like that.

6. Yes, I did a bit of shopping.  This year it was for me.  A few new pieces of pottery, a new bag and last night Ami, Adi and I got a evening out and yes, I hosted.  Nice, right?  Of course if you were here, you and Ami would be fighting for the bill.  I’m sure Ami was ready to grab it up but I insisted.

7.  I feel renewed and charged up for home.  A different vantage point is powerful as I get ready to say good bye to our Israel and take a seat in first class( air miles!!!).  It was particularly wonderful to be with the kids- especially Mihael, so happy for family.  He is pushing me to move to Israel even though I have rekindled my love for my home above that Hudson.  That feeling hasn’t paled.

8. Yes, Israel is in my heart T, for always.  It’s a part of you and us.

Be home tomorrow,

Bonnie S.

March is coming….

11 thoughts

  1. This line: “luxuriate in our past and still embrace a sadness ” made me feel like your trip gave you equal parts reflection and healing. Glad you are flying first class home. Hold on to all that sunshine!

  2. “Here and home I love the start of the day.” Your descriptions capture your “in the moment” living of this rejuvenating time with family. I could use a bit of that sunshine.

  3. I enjoyed hearing all about this trip, Bonnie, new feelings and old ones mixed but content. Perhaps there will be an even longer stay in the future? For now, welcome home!

  4. This was such a pleasure to read. I love your voice and thoughts. What a healing place for you! How lucky to be able to travel home in luxury! Somehow they are always booked when I want to use my miles.

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