Letters to Tuvia Y2/#sol17 Day 10: Snow Wimp (3-10-17)

Morning T and Slicers,

Yes, Tuvia R. I am STILL a snow wimp. Sadly, you didn’t know me when I was fearless and arrogant about snow.  Living in Ellenville, driving before front wheel/all-wheel drive cars, snow never held me back, even when it should have.

I moved to Rockland and still, in the early years, I rolled my eyes at those who refused to attend a play rehearsal on marathon day when it snowed for the entire day.

I’m not sure when I started to sweat snow. Maybe it began on a trip back from skiing in Vermont when I was driving solo  and the Thruway closed down in the middle of my ride.  I was forced off onto the  backroads of the Berkshires.  I crawled up and down unplowed roads until desperate, I pulled into a B and B haven and as the only guest was treated like the VIP I always wanted to be.  But maybe that was the start of this feeling that once the flakes start falling, I start lighting my candles.

So last night, as the weather forecast for the coming snow held firm and James would need me to drive him to the bus stop in town, I did not sleep comfortably.  At 6:30 AM as snow began to cover the grassy surfaces, I had coffee brewing and toast ready for him to eat and run.  Out, on the 7:15… I was back home, car in the garage and coffee #2 brewing for my day inside.

But of course, I need this last? snow event to be done and gone by 4 so I can get back into my car and head for NYC for dinner and a play tonight.

I am very demanding, don’t you think?

Bonnie S.


13 thoughts

  1. I, too, was once arrogant about snow. Being from California, a dose of naivete was thrown into the mix. But after an off-road encounter with a bush (thank goodness not a tree), and a harrowing venture down an unplowed curving mountain pass, I embrace my snow-wimp identity. We snow wimps have much more fun planning for our cabbage soups, our hot chocolate, our crackling fires, and sometimes our silent, snowy treks through the woods BY FOOT. Cheers to you, Bonnie. And may it all melt in time for your NYC evening.

  2. As I got older I found I liked snow less and less. Maybe it is because the bones are more brittle and I know what would happen if I fell the wrong way. Maybe it is because I don’t like shoveling and there are no kids in the neighborhood looking to make a few extra bucks. If only it would snow just on the lawns and not the streets, sidewalks, or driveways. Is that too much to ask for?

  3. Yuck, snow! It’s beautiful but I am ready for spring. Cold temps here but with sunshine. As I kid I remember sledding for hours in the snow. Now, give me a warm blanket and book.

  4. Snow wreaking havoc will always make one more conscious of conditions of the road. I sure hope you are able to get out at 4:00. We have snow moving in tomorrow. So sad to see it kill all the early blossoms.

  5. I have always been a snow wimp, but have gotten braver as I’ve gotten older. Still, I only drive on snowy days if it’s absolutely necessary. Sometimes early dismissals are the worst driving. It’s cleared up here, so I’m sure it has in your neck of the woods, too. Have fun in the city tonight!

  6. It has taken 15 Winters in Canada for me to finally enjoy one. I would much rather spend the whole damn season indoors. But this year I was determined to find fun things for my children to do. We skied a lot, and snow shoed, and generally enjoyed our time outdoors. Still looking forward to Spring though!

  7. I’ve always sweated snow. I love the Pacific NW where we close school when the first flake falls. We once had a “no snow, snow day.” School was cancelled for snow that never arrived.

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