Letters to Tuvia Y3: Yes, I’m Still Here :) (12-12-19) #sol17 #letterstotuviaY3


Morning Tuvia and Slicers,

What a  long writing break. but no worries, I’m good.  We are still living in the Trump nightmare  but  Chanukah arrives tonight and our menorahs are ready. Nope, it’s not as good as it was,  but in this reconstructed life I’ve been creating,  I’m finding my way, step- by- step with lots of support.  In fact,  new lights will be hung in the apartment on Thursday and yes, you would still recognize it and probably approve.  Happy Chanukah to me!

Now a two month catch up?

I wake up every morning, make the bed, complete with my mountain of  pillows,  prepare the coffee in soft light, turn on Morning Joe, scan the NY Times on my iPad and hope I will fulfill my self-imposed daily demands: play guitar, read, exercise, practice Hebrew,  keep the virtual zipper secure across my mouth, work on a video and get off the couch and out the door.  Remembering  you is never on the list, it’s just a given, but like Joe Biden as he reconstructs his life without his son, Beau, I can be you and not fall off the rails in this Year 3.

My work at the Cornwall School District  is going great. At our last full team day my new video piece, showcasing 10 classrooms was a hit and our HVWP collaboration will continue next year. My dad is still  with us with his mind in tact even if he needs 24/7 support from our caregiver team.   He still greets me every morning with- “Hi doll, are you okay?”  My family is doing well, your family is doing well.  Even though Trump is making us crazy, Robert Mueller is keeping  the heat up on Trump and his cronies and burning the midnight oil to insure that he reaches his goals before he might be shut down.  Fingers crossed that Trump’s days are numbered and we can reestablish our democracy. As much as my life is missing the  pizzazz you brought to  I don’t think you could have lived well in Trumpland, or without Charlie Rose, who has been stripped of his place in our lives, brought down by his own arrogance and abuse of male power.

There’s new challenges coming 2018; I’ll be beginning at  the pottery wheel hoping to create my own coffee mugs, and even though I’m a true movie lover my passion has gone under the radar so finally I signed up for a movie course at the Burns to watch and discuss 6   international epics with a group of like-minded movie lovers.

And Finally- I’m beginning work  on my annual community video and hey Slicers if you’re still reading this slice  please consider  joining in this year with 1-3 images that showcase friendship 2017.  Send them to blkdrama@me.com Include Community 2017 in the message line.  Include photos and captions and your name.  My plan is to create the piece before New Year’s Eve and drop it on You Tube/Facebook etc. by Jan 1, 2018 so send something asap.

It’s good to be writing,

Bonnie S.

Here’s last year’s to refresh your memory:


13 thoughts

  1. Woo hoo – so happy to see those two words, “I’m back,” at TWT! You are one busy lady, but glad you made time to write with us. Hoping to get a pic with friends at our annual party on Thursday. Keep reminding us, I’m one of those inveterate procrastinators.

  2. I had begun to wonder what was happening in your life to keep you away from the keyboard…sometimes it’s just hard to find the time to put those words out there when so much is going on. I’ve sent three photos to you with some new connections I made this year. It was by your prompting to do this that I realized the new friends I have made in 2017.

  3. Glad you are still here. 🙂 Happy Chanukah! I’m thinking I should make latkes for my children this year. They are old enough to learn the story of Chanukah!

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